• what to do when your cake falls apart
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    What to do when your cake falls apart?

    Everyone that ever baked a cake knows that you can not make a perfect cake every time. Sometimes it is just not your day. No one has a perfect track record when it comes to baking a cake. IF you are like me then you just simply  LOVE baking cakes. Baking cakes is my favorite form of cooking. But in spite of the fact that I have been baking for a long time, there are times when I have cake mishaps or otherwise know as cake wrecks. So what to do when your cake falls apart? It’s likely you can do something to salvage the situation. Whether your cake did…

  • Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe - Sweetie Darling Cakes
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    Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe – Sweetie Darling Cakes

    Any kind of cupcake is good, isn’t it? I would take pretty much any flavor of cupcake. Sometimes though, you can’t do any better than a really well baked Classic English Vanilla Cupcake. Simple but sublime. There are no complicated, hard-to-find ingredients, just good old butter, sugar, flour, and eggs… and some vanilla. A Victoria Sponge in cupcake form. Top it off with a light vanilla buttercream swirl and it’s pretty much heaven if you’ve got a thang for cake, which I do, and seeing as you’re here, I guess you do too. Fist bump. At the time of making this tutorial, I had just bought the most pretty, new…

  • amazing vanilla sponge cake recipe
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    Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe – 2020 Version

    Read our amazing vanilla sponge cake recipe Vanilla Sponge Cake or even Hot Milk Sponge Cake is a name you may be more familiar, is a very light and delicate cake that is so very versatile with an array of fillings and icings to chose from. It is a more dry style cake by nature, which requires a bit of simple syrup on the layers to make it shine at it’s best. I have tried to simplify the mixing method as best as possible, and honestly, I have mixed this recipe several different ways and had great results every time! So that tells me this a very “friendly” recipe so…

  • Hpw to make box cake moist
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    How to make a box cake moist? [2020 Tips]

    How to make a box cake moist Baking surely is a fun thing to do. However, it consumes time, and no one can deny the convenience of the box cake offer over the self-baked cake, especially when you are in a hurry. However, if you are a perfectionist and want to make your cake taste liked the home-baked one, then this article is a must to read.  So, stay here; we are going to learn the Box cake hacks. It’s quite a debate that How to make the box cake moist and fluffy, substituting a few ingredients can make the box cake bakery-worthy perfection.  So, stay on the screen to learn how to…

  • How Can You Benefit From Baking Cakes On Fan Oven
    Fan oven

    How Can You Benefit From Baking Cakes On Fan Oven?

    Do you often ask yourself How Can You Benefit From Baking Cakes On Fan Oven when you start preparing for cake baking? Baking is an art, which is drawing attention globally, and people love sharing the final images of beautiful cakes online. One look at the interesting TV shows on making the cake ready for events, and you know the craze. What makes cakes so delicious and admirable? The baking oven has a major role to play in the cake to turn out exactly how you seek it to be. However, among varied types, fan oven or a convection oven is the best option for you. Fast Baking Time: One…