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    Fondant Wedding Cakes

    The day a person says “I do” to his or her partner is one of the most special moments in a couple exchanging vows and making a life long commitment to each other. A wedding’s purpose is to celebrate the marriage in which a couple is legally and socially sanctioned into union being regulated by rules, customs, laws, and beliefs. In some cultures, a wedding celebration would not just only last a day but others would go on for a week. It is a celebration being witnessed by the couple’s parents, friends, and relatives.    For most of this occasion, a wedding cake becomes a highlight of the celebration. A…

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    Cake Baking Tips

    8 Essential Cake Baking Pans

    Have you ever wondered why we always have cakes for every celebration? Well, it is believed that the Ancient Greeks offered rounded cakes to honor the goddess of the moon, Artemis. They usually put candles on top of it to symbolize the glow of the moon. They also believed that smoke coming from the candle would send their prayers to the gods whom they also believe lives in the skies. The term cake derives all the way from the Vikings period, the word itself comes from the Old Norse word “kaka”. One theory suggests that the first birthday cake was actually made in Germany during the Middle Ages. Those birthday…