The best cake baking recipes have a characteristic of light soft cakes, fine-textured breads, and tender cookies, which depends on the accurate mix of flour, liquid, leavening agents, fats, sugars, and flavors. We should know and learn about each ingredient and the role it performs in the cake baking recipes.   The flour provides the recipe base, It is the structure in making a cake. The gluten or protein in flour will merge to form a web that traps air bubbles and sets. And the starch in flour sets as it heats to add to and support the structure. In cakes, cookies, and quick breads, we want little gluten formation,…



    If you’re wondering how much longer it is going to take in order to bake a cake, well the answer to that is that “it depends.” There are a lot of factors that may affect cake baking time, like the bakeware we use, the oven, the ingredients, the temperature, and so on. Cake baking time could sometimes don’t have an exact precise time on how long it takes for a cake to be perfectly baked.    Say for example, if you do have an anodized bakeware, there would be circumstances that you need to modify your cake baking time and even the temperature. But the benefit of using an anodized…

    Cake Baking Tips


    Have you ever encountered difficulty recognizing the difference between a regular white cake and a french vanilla cake? Well, quite frankly you’re not alone in this world whose mind is being confused between the difference between the two cakes. In today’s topic, we will discuss the difference between a classic white cake and french vanilla cake mix. There’s also a simple recipe of french vanilla cake mix, vanilla cupcake recipe, and even a pound cake recipe. So let’s begin!   For starters, vanilla cakes can be both white and yellow. The only difference between the two is the use of different fats and flours in deciding which cake is appropriate…



    A birthday isn’t complete without a birthday cake. Whether you’re into outstanding birthday cake designs or simple yet delicious birthday cake flavors. Fondant birthday cake is right for you.   Fondant is a pre-rolled icing often used to cover cakes. Fondant is made from gelatin and food-grade glycerine, which helps the sugar flexible and creates a dough-like consistency. It can also be made using powdered sugar and melted marshmallows. You can cover any cake that has been iced with buttercream or ganache. Fondant will make the cake a smooth professional look and you can do anything you want with a fondant covered cake. The fondant will also keep the cake…



    A cake pan is defined by its composition of the metal, heat-proof glass, silicone, enameled metal, or ceramic that is safe for baking in the oven. The vast majority of metal cake pans now offer non-stick surfaces for easy release. Cake pans are engineered to create ideal textures in baking. There are a wide variety of cake pan types to achieve different cake styles and sizes.   The tinned steel pan is made from sheets of steel that have been covered with a thin coat of tin, which makes it a good conductor of heat. The tin coating allows the bakeware to heat slowly and evenly.  Stainless-steel or tin provides better…

  • Can you eat a ham that has been frozen for 2 years

    Can you eat a ham that has been frozen for 2 years

    Are you asking yourself if it is safe to eat frozen ham that was frozen for 2 years? Why do we freeze ham? We freeze ham so it is preserved to be used at a later date. If ham is not frozen properly it can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning symptoms with frozen ham include nausea, diarrhea, and fever. When the ham is frozen it should be stored in a dry, cold place at about -20°C or -4F. When you store your ham in the freezer for 2 years make sure the container of the ham is securely wrapped and no air is inside the container to prevent freezer burn.…

  • Why is baking a cake a chemical change?

    Why is baking a cake a chemical change?

    Baking a cake is a chemical change because the baking powder or baking soda will undergo a chemical reaction. The heat helps baking powder or soda produce tiny bubbles of gas which makes the cake light and fluffy. That’s why chemical reactions are involved in baking a cake. The trapped carbon dioxide makes the dough rise, and other ingredients evaporate during the baking process. It is considered an irreversible chemical change because the sugar and the yeast have created new substances and the reaction cannot be reversed. The things that have been changed cannot be reverted back to their original condition is generally called Chemical change. For that reason, Baking…

  • Chemical reactions in baking a cake

    Chemical reactions in baking a cake

    When baking a cake it is considered as a chemical change because you can’t get your ingredients back and we know that it is a chemical change because heat energy is involved. When you are mixing your cake, it includes such ingredients as water, oil, and eggs. Simple forms of dissolving and mixing are considered physical changes, but mixing the ingredients of a cake is not a simple mixing process. A chemical change starts to occur when the ingredients are mixed, forming new substances. Carbon dioxide is one of the major gases that are responsible for leavening in baking. In cakes, it comes from the reaction of sodium bicarbonate under…

  • Removing cakes from pans

    Removing cakes from pans

    Bundt pans come with different challenges when it comes to getting your cake out in one perfect piece. Even when you are mindful of grease and prepare Bundt pans, they have a tendency, more than any other pans, to keep the cake from easily sliding out. This is because of the intricate design of some Bundt pans with all those small ridges and corners. Bundt cake is a dessert cake baked in a Bundt pan or a round baking pan with a tube in the middle with fluted. It is typically made from a shortened cake. Bundt cakes are versatile and keep well. They are generally made from butter/shortening or…

  • Ube Cupcake Recipe 

    Ube Cupcake Recipe 

    Among other recipes in the country of the Philippines, one of the most famous one today that has made an international trend is the Ube cupcake recipe. If you are wondering what is an Ube, it is basically a purple yam that is originally from the Philippines. This bright purple type of sweet potato has a distinguishable mellow taste with a hint of sweet, vanilla, and nutty flavor. Ube is commonly used in Filipino desserts usually mashed and then combined with condensed milk.   The Philippine Archipelago is composed of 7,641 islands and it is divided into three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The country has five different…