• ‏What Can I Use Instead of Eggs in Cake

    What Can I Use Instead of Eggs in Cake

    ‏If you buy a cake mix and look at the instructions on the package, they will usually tell you to add either two or three eggs, depending on the mix. Some call for egg whites only. ‏ ‏In any case, eggs seem to be a really common ingredient in cake mixes. But what if you don’t have eggs on hand? What if you are allergic or sensitive to eggs? Can you make a cake without them? Yes! There are lots of good egg substitute options for every situation. ‏ ‏What happens if you don’t put eggs in a cake?‏ ‏You might wonder what will happen if you just don’t add…

  • Horse Cupcake Cake
    Cupcake recipes

    Horse Cupcake Cake

    A horse cupcake cake is a delicious and fun option for the horse lover in your life. It makes a really fun birthday cake, and since it is made from cupcakes, there’s no cutting involved. Everyone can just pull the cupcakes apart. While you could search “bakery near me” and call a local bakery to make you a horse cupcake cake, it’s not that tough to make your own. Gather your ingredients, and get to baking. Here’s how. Ingredients you need: 2 boxed cake mixes 6 eggs, or the amount called for by your cake mixes 1 cup oil, or the amount called for by your cake mixes 2 cups…

  • How to Store Fondant Cake

    How to Store Fondant Cake

    Fondant is a rolled frosting that is draped over a cake and also formed into decorations. Fondant cakes can be incredibly beautiful, but if you want your cake to stay that way, you need to store it properly. Luckily, learning how to store cake and fondant are pretty simple. Storing a Pre-Made Fondant Cake If you ordered a fondant cake from a bakery, it will probably be at room temperature when you pick it up. Keep it at room temperature. While you may store a cake with buttercream or whipped cream icing in the fridge to slow spoiling, this is not necessary with fondant. The fondant protects the cake and…