Best cake baking tips – 7 Tips

Cake baking is exciting, but it can also be very challenging. So that’s why we have written cake baking tips. There are lots of little things at play, and you don’t have the time to play cake baking games. If anything goes wrong, then the cake won’t taste great and the results will not be that good. Which is why we recommend you to use these tips today, as they might help make the baking process easier.

Best cake baking tips - 7 Tips
Best cake baking tips – 7 Tips

Use ingredients at the room temperature | Cake Baking Tips #1

We recommend you to always use ingredients, more specifically butter, at room temperature. Or in the case of butter, even slightly lower than the room temperature. Avoid taking ingredients from the fridge and throwing them into the recipe, that’s not good and it will affect the results.

Get some parchment paper rounds | Cake Baking Tips #2

These are great because they will make the cooking environment safer and more comprehensive. You do want to make this work in a clever way, and with the right approach, you will be able to do that. Plus, you will also create a non-stick environment for your cake, something that can make all the difference!

Avoid opening the oven | Cake Baking Tips #3

You will see this even in cake baking games, you want to avoid opening the oven while cooking. If you do that, cool air comes in and the temperature will change. That means your cake will not be prepared evenly and some parts might be uncooked.

Rely on a flat beater attachment | Cake Baking Tips #4

Cake mixing can be tricky, but with an accessory like this things will be easier. The reason you want to do that is that it’s not as harsh on the batter when compared to a regular whisk attachment. Try to use that to your advantage and the results will be very impressive.

Never replace banking soda with baking powder | Cake Baking Tips #5

While some people believe these are interchangeable, that’s not the case at all. Baking soda is way more powerful than powder, and you can use it when you integrate acids to your cake, like buttermilk or lemon.

Measure flour with a spoon | Cake Baking Tips #6

A lot of people use the measuring cup to find out how much flour they need. But you shouldn’t do that. A good idea is to spoon it out of the flour bag and then you can go in the measuring cup. Most recipes will require you a certain amount of flour spoons, so that’s what you want to use as a measuring system.

Buy an oven thermometer | Cake Baking Tips #7

This connects really well with the idea listed above. You should have an oven thermometer because it allows you to track the current temperature and you don’t have to worry about opening the oven all the time. You’re not playing cake baking games, you want to prepare a great cake, so that needs a lot of care and attention.


While most cake baking games seem easy, the real experience is better all the time, but it can get complicated. That’s why you should follow these tips, they give you a good idea of what you can expect and the results will be great as well. Give them a try and don’t hesitate to adapt them to your needs!