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Currently, most of the famous games that are played, especially to millennials and Generation Z, are games that can be played on mobile or android phones, laptops, computers, play-stations, and virtual reality headset technologies that are highly advanced. In which, it is one of the reasons that most parents are having difficulties in adjusting to the highly advanced technologies (or even made them feel odd) which made them highly unlikely for them to use those advanced technologies. More of the reasons why parents and children are rarely hanging out because of their various interests. Moreover, all the more reasons for parents to look or search for a solution to change rarely to frequently (at least).

If you are a parent, thankfully, your current search for answers was already answered years ago.

In 1879, Justin White created the candlepin bowling game in Massachusetts when accidentally one of the tenpins of tenpin bowling turned out into a shape like a wooden stick, yet, it looked more similar to a candlestick from afar when you are going to score. Therefore, he decided to use the candle like pins in a bowling game in his own billiard and bowling establishment, and later on, it was developed and standardized with John J. “Jack” Monsey in 1880.

Why is candlepin bowling a good sport? The candlepin bowling game is different from the rest of other types of bowling games, from the shape of the pins to the weight and size of the ball. The balls’ maximum weight is 2.7 pounds(lbs) with no finger holes, and its sizes are 4 ½ inches(in). In which not only the adults would play this game, even the kids at your home can carry the ball and hit the candlepins, which stands 15 ¾ inches(in) with tapers on both ends which makes them look more like candles. For that reason, not only the adults enjoy and hangout at the billiard and bowling alley, even the kids can be engaged in this sport game and have fun together with their parents.

To score the game consists of ten boxes, in which not more than three balls are allowed for each box. If all pins are knocked down by the first ball it is a strike and is marked with two shade lines, one in the upper right part and one in the lower left part of the box. If all pins are knocked down by the second ball it is a spare and is marked with a shade line in the upper left part of the box. If all pins are knocked down by the third ball it is a ten box and is marked by an X. Besides, a strike permits you to score ten plus a bonus of the pins knocked down by the first and second balls on your next box. Moreover, a spare permits you to score ten plus a bonus of the pins felled by the first ball on your next box.

The candlepin bowling game consists of ten frames wherein the player can score by throwing the ball to sixty (60) foot bowling lanes to slide and hit the ten (10) candlepins to score and fill it into the first out of ten frames. The player can only have three times to throw the ball to score and hit the pins to knock it all down out, yet, with its quite far inches, it is highly unlikely to hit a strike in the first throw, yet, with more force and some candle-pins are knocked down in the second throw wherein it would help knock all the ten (10) candlepins hit a spare in the ten frames. Moreover, the game gives an impression to the players that it had never had a perfect game because the last authorized score to date is 245 in King Bowling Lanes in Massachusetts.

A place in Massachusetts wherein the candlepin bowling game was most popular to play. In particular, Boston, Massachusetts, USA is a place where the game was live-streamed on television and garnered popularity and became sensational for the last 40 or 30 years ago. Additionally, the game is part of New England/Maritime sport and the creation was attributed to Worcester. People that are young, old, male, and female divisions in which everyone can participate and have fun with it. With its popularity, the kids celebrate their birthday parties with candlepin bowling themes. Moreover, the game is known for a local hybrid game that attracted a high number of TV audiences and with its attractive retro appeal to watch that makes it suitable for a comeback. In which New England Sports Network or NESN is a show that would do a rotation of celebrity hosts for the match of the game, like Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke.

For more experiences, there are a lot of bowling alleys in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with candlepin bowling lanes to try and beat the highest record score in the establishment. Moreover, the is a website wherein you can book a hotel, restaurants, or even bowling alleys in Boston. Indeed, there is a bowling forum online. It is a forum wherein a member of that forum posts a question of where in Boston is a good place to play candlepin and then the responses will be from the other members in that forum giving ideas and their own opinions about those alleys. If it is convenient there to play or what bowling alleys serve more tasteful drinks.

Another online website called, it is also a site where you create an account to login and become a member and once you have become a member of the forum, they will inform you about the privacy policies for the security of all the members of the forum and the forum itself. The site will give you instructions, moreover, they have a voy forum exchange in which it is a tool that a member will use to contact for questions, comments, and suggestions to “the folks” at VoyForums.

It is great to enjoy once again to play a local game even in the midst of highly advanced technologies, yet, there is nothing more than great if the sport will become sensational again with more developed rules and scoring system so that the perfect intense game will be achieved later with the help of the members who wanted to share new ideas inside the forum and may everyone will be encouraged, engage, and become sensational again just like the best 40 or 30 years ago.