Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe – Sweetie Darling Cakes

Any kind of cupcake is good, isn’t it? I would take pretty much any flavor of cupcake.

Sometimes though, you can’t do any better than a really well baked Classic English Vanilla Cupcake. Simple but sublime.

There are no complicated, hard-to-find ingredients, just good old butter, sugar, flour, and eggs… and some vanilla. A Victoria Sponge in cupcake form.

Top it off with a light vanilla buttercream swirl and it’s pretty much heaven if you’ve got a thang for cake, which I do, and seeing as you’re here, I guess you do too. Fist bump.

At the time of making this tutorial, I had just bought the most pretty, new bakeware. Look at my bowl(!) and my scales, sometimes I just look at them for fun. The scales come in pink too and I used every fiber of my being to not add the pink to my basket. I have too much pink and needed to class it up a bit with a soft blue.

When I posted my new buys on Instagram, I had people asking me where I got them so here are some affiliate links for exactly where you can get them too.

This is my beautiful blue bowl and it has ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Bake’ embossed into it, I also bought this slightly smaller yellow bowl which has ‘Bake Me Happy’ embossed onto it. And these are my scales in blue and the same ones in pink. Gorgeous lovely things. This was the most excited I’d been for a parcel in a long time!

I also treated myself to a new hand mixer because my other one was getting a bit tired. I went for this Breville hand mixer. In pink. What?! I went for blue and yellow everything else, I can have this in pink! The color is actually called Strawberry Cream, which is utterly irresistible.

Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe - Sweetie Darling Cakes

Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe – Sweetie Darling Cakes

Below is my Classic English Vanilla Cupcake Recipe and you can find my buttercream recipe here and my tutorial to pipe a buttercream swirl here.

Before we start, I have to make a note of the best tip I’ve ever heard for baking cupcakes. I bake all my cupcakes at 140C after She Who Bakes a usefutip on the matter!l  Her saying is “low and slow”. They take a bit longer to bake but it’s so worth it when they come out with lovely, even flat tops. Have a look at Britt’s blog for tons of gorgeous recipes.