How to make a box cake moist? [2020 Tips]

How to make a box cake moist

Baking surely is a fun thing to do. However, it consumes time, and no one can deny the convenience of the box cake offer over the self-baked cake, especially when you are in a hurry. However, if you are a perfectionist and want to make your cake taste liked the home-baked one, then this article is a must to read. 

How to make a box cake moist? [2020 Tips]
Happy Birthday Cake

So, stay here; we are going to learn the Box cake hacks.

It’s quite a debate that How to make the box cake moist and fluffy, substituting a few ingredients can make the box cake bakery-worthy perfection. 

So, stay on the screen to learn how to make box taste like a bakery cake. 

How to make a box cake moist? [2020 Tips]
Beautiful Fruity Cake

How do you make a box cake taste homemade or a bakery cake?

Use the melted butter instead of the oil, your cake box instruction might require you to add the oil, but if you want the cake to be fluffy, then aa melted butter.

The recipe to the more richness demands more eggs, along with the requirement of the package it is advisable to add two extra yolks, however, if you require your cake to be airy and light then increase the proportion of the egg whites over the egg yolks. 

Give the taste a buzz by mixing hot water in the box cake mix instead of the normal tap water; the hot water brings the taste of the cocoa butter. If you want the chocolate flavor to pop, then you can also use brewed coffee to make the batter. 

Not only will it pop the chocolate flavor, but it will also allow you to recreate the conventional flavor. 

Also, remember the key:

 the more the fat, the more the density and the more the flavor. 

So adding more milk and eggs than the indicated amount is a key to the fluffier and moist cake.

See how simple it works. 

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