New Recipe: 10 easy things you can make with a grill (including dessert)

Although the pandemic means it’s safer inside, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good food or a good time. 

A cheap BBQ grill like this US$24 Cuisinart grill from Amazon can serve up a fairly diverse range of appetisers, mains, sides and even desserts. 

Here are 10 things you can cook on a grill (including dessert):


1. Burgers, steaks, hotdogs, chicken

Grills are most commonly used for chicken, fish, steaks, hotdogs and burgers. Check out these tips on making a great grilled burger courtesy Simply Recipes:


2. Kebabs

Feel free to cube and stack your favourite veggies then pop them on the grill for delicious savoury kebabs. Try this bacon, pineapple and chicken kebab recipe from the Recipe Diaries:


3. Grilled pizza

Did you know you can make pizza on a grill? Yes, pizza. Check out these easy recipes courtesy the Food Network:


4. Grilled breadfruit

Americans may grill chestnuts on an open fire but here in the Caribbean we love a good roasted breadfruit. 

Check out this video by Caribbean Pot on how to roast breadfruit on a grill:


5. Grilled sweet potatoes

Want to try a different way to savour sweet potatoes? Check out this recipe from Linger a Little:


6. Grilled cabbage steaks

Vegetarians and vegans can try these delicious, low-carb and keto-friendly. Check out this recipe courtesy Eat the Gains: 


7. Grilled apple crisps

Grill your dessert with these easy, fun and delicious Apple Crisp Packets, vanilla ice-cream optional (or not): , courtesy Gimme Some Grilling. Mango season is approaching so try switching your apples for mangoes, pineapple or other sweet fruit. 


8. Grilled melongene (eggplant)

We know roasting melongene as simply a preliminary step for making baigan, but grilled eggplant can also be a tasty dish. Check out this recipe for grilled eggplant with a chimichurri sauce:

9. Roast veggies

We all know this one, plop some sweet corn onto the grill and just add butter. Try making roast veg packets by adding carrots, sweet peppers and other veg and roasting over the grill, try this recipe from Foodie Crush:


10. Grilled pineapple

Discover the delicious wonder of grilled pineapple with caramelised brown sugar and serve with a dollop of ice cream. Try this recipe from Spend with Pennies: 

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