New Recipe: 10 Most Heartwarming Moments In The Series

The hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory might have got some polarizing opinions from audiences over the years but that didn’t stop the show from connecting with fans and offering a plethora of memorable moments. The gang of friends in Pasadena went through several ups and downs in their various relationships but what always won at the end of the day was the fact that they cared deeply for one another; yes, even Sheldon Cooper.

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From surprisingly romantic brainwaves to grand gestures, and sweet interactions between true friends, moving moments aren’t hard to come by in this series. As the weird friends developed as characters, their actions became more and more touching and left fans with fond memories.

10 Howard Stops Raj In The Airport

Howard and Raj Airport

Howard and Raj’s friendship was the second most important friendship on the show after Leonard and Sheldon’s, as the two shared a camaraderie that gave rise to some pretty hilarious moments. The Howard-Raj relationship saw a typically stereotypical culmination, in line with hundreds of romance dramas where the hero rushes to stop the heroine from leaving in the end.

Howard found himself rushing to the airport to stop Raj who was leaving the States once and for all to marry a woman named Anu in London. Howard convinced Raj not to leave after all, and the two had a perfectly romantic reunion after the slight disagreements of the previous episodes where Howard had expressed his skepticism at Raj’s decision to settle for an arranged marriage.

9 Amy Bakes Christmas Cookies For Sheldon

Amy and Sheldon In Victorian Christmans Party

Amy’s Victorian-themed Christmas party might not have been a howling success but it did have its desired effect on Sheldon. Amy had called Sheldon’s beloved Meemaw and got her famous Christmas cookie recipe as a lovely surprise for Sheldon.

The latter had just started on one of his rants, trying to hurt Amy with his highly convoluted reasoning. However, he went on to have a humbling moment when Amy produced the box of cookies that took Sheldon back down memory lane. It was indeed a lovely gesture on Amy’s part who was forever patient with her socially inept boyfriend.

8 Sheldon Kisses Amy On Valentine’s Day

Sheldon Cooper kissing Amy Farrah Fowler on Valentine’s Day during the vintage train ride was one of the most memorable TBBT moments indeed. Amy had organized the train ride as a gift for Sheldon keeping in mind his fascination with trains. While this was very thoughtful of her, Sheldon refused to do the right thing and spend time with his date during dinner.

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However, when Amy finally put her foot down, Sheldon decided to get back at her. His way of punishing her for trying to ruin his fun was of course twisted, and he ended up kissing Amy to show her just how much ‘fun’ kissing could be. Of course, he hadn’t reckoned with the fact that it was fun indeed, and the two shared their first romantic kiss as the audience went bonkers.

7 Howard Brings A Star From Space For Bernadette

Howard Wolowitz started out as creepy, but eventually started on an evolutionary arc, especially after the feisty Bernadette came into his life. Howard bought Bernie a cute little star-shaped pendant before taking off for the International Space Station.

He then told her that he would take the pendent with him so that Bernie could have a star from space once he brought it back with him. Now, if that isn’t heartwarming, then nothing is.

6 The Shamy Proposal

Of course, this list cannot be complete without Sheldon’s proposal to Amy at the end of season 10, the moment that fans never saw coming.

The couple had not been having the smoothest of times in their relationship as Sheldon found it hard to accept that Amy had taken up an offer at Princeton and Amy in turn was anxious over his surprising closeness with the physicist Ramona Nowitzki. However, it was that shocking kiss with Nowitzki that brought Sheldon to his senses, and the unthinkable happened as he flew all the way over to see Amy at Princeton, proposing to her on his knees even as he stood at her door.

5 Sheldon Hugging Penny

Sheldon Cooper and Penny Hug in The Big Bang Theory

Some of the most beautiful TBBT moments took place between Sheldon and Penny who developed a lovely brother-sister relationship over the years. Fans will recall Penny gifting Sheldon what appears to be a used napkin for Christmas, which later turns out to have been used by the physicist Leonard Nemoy.

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Sheldon is overwhelmed to have Nemoy’s DNA. He then brings over all the many presents he had bought for Penny of which he had initially meant to gift her only one, proportionate to what she herself gave him. But realizing that even that was not enough, he decides to give her a hug, which in turn overwhelms Penny.

4 Penny Comforting Sheldon On His Birthday

Penny teaches Sheldon Cooper about love in The Big Bang Theory

The quiet Penny-Sheldon moment where she sat with a nervous Sheldon on his birthday as guests waited outside is an all-time fan-favorite moment and definitely one that melted a few hearts.

Sheldon grew thoroughly uncomfortable with the guests at the birthday party Amy and Penny had thrown him and slinked away to hide in the bathroom. But Penny followed him inside and sat with him, trying to be there for him in a way that only a true friend could. The moment showed how far their friendship had come, with both, especially Penny, who behaved maturely and was deeply understanding.

3 Leonard & Sheldon Before Shamy’s Wedding

Sheldon and Leonard smiling at each other, wearing tuxedos for his wedding

Leonard and Sheldon had the most important friendship in the series, their relationship being central to the main underlining storyline. Leonard’s irritation with Sheldon was a running gag, in spite of the fact that he was very obviously fond of his eccentric friend.

One of their most adorable moments happened right before Shamy’s wedding when Sheldon reminded Leonard that he would always be his problem, whether or not he was getting married. His words were enough to melt Leonard’s heart, causing him to become teary and hug his friend in a very sweet gesture.

2 Sheldon’s Nobel Acceptance Speech

Amy and Sheldon winning Nobel Prize in physics

Sheldon Cooper’s Nobel acceptance speech brought the character’s evolutionary arc to an appropriate culmination. As Sheldon accepted his Nobel along with his brilliant wife, he gave a heartwarming speech that acknowledged all his best friends and of course, Amy too.

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Sheldon finally bowed his head in humility, showing his friends how much he appreciated their acceptance of and love for him in spite of how tremendously difficult he could get with every single one of them. Since this was also the series finale, the moment left fans teary-eyed and touched a chord with every one of them.

1 Howard Singing To Bernadette

Possibly the most heartwarming moment in the entire series happened when Howard wrote a lovely song to serenade his lady love on their anniversary.

Bernie was confined in a hospital room following an accident in the lab but that didn’t stop Howie from bringing the celebration to her. He sang to her “If I Didn’t Have You” with the rest of the gang bringing up the chorus, a grand gesture that left few dry eyes by the end of it.

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