New Recipe: 11 Best Ice Cream Makers For Kids To Make Their Favorite Flavors, 2021

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If you’re looking for something to keep the little ones busy this summer, you need to get an ice cream maker for kids. In between all of the pool time, the outdoor games, and the loud Frozen 2 karaoke, they’re going to be begging for snacks. What better way to put them to work (and give yourself a little alone time) than an ice cream maker toy that makes actual ice cream?

For one thing, they’ll have a blast making their own food. It’ll give them a sense of independence and boost their confidence when their self-made ice cream turns out great (future chefs, anyone?). Second, most kids’ ice cream makers are basically toys — so they’ll want to keep using it for hours. And if there’s a way to get them away from a screen, you’ve got to try it. The great thing about ice cream machines is that there are tons of different versions: soft-serve ice cream makers for kids, ice cream sandwich makers, even Dippin Dots makers! You’ll definitely find one that your little one enjoys, no matter which form of ice cream they prefer.

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While you may be concerned about all the sugar being scarfed down, the great thing about making it at home is that you have control over the ingredients. There are plenty of ice cream recipes that lean toward the healthier side but are still delicious. (Although we fully encourage letting them throw in plenty of chocolate chips.)

It’s the perfect activity for a hot summer day that will bring the whole family together. Get your sweet tooth ready and check out the 11 best ice cream makers for kids!

Best Ice Cream Makers For Kids

This ice cream maker doubles as a fun toy to toss around. When they get tired, a nice bowl (err, ball?) of ice cream will be ready to enjoy. Simply add all of your ice cream ingredients into the ball and shake! “This was super fun to make!” said one reviewer. “I used half and half, vanilla extract, brown sugar, and Nutella. It was delicious! The ball itself was fun to roll and shake for 30 minutes and super easy to clean.” Super easy to clean? Oh, we’re definitely in.


This ice cream maker from Ice Cream Magic is one of the easiest makers around, and in just a few minutes, your little one will have a tasty treat. All they’ll need to do is add ice, salt, cream, and flavoring – then shake. How easy is that?

“This is an ingenious invention,” said one parent. “…My niece and nephew 6 and 5 years old had an absolute blast making their own ice cream with the ice cream magic. And yes it totally worked! I was very impressed after 4 minutes of shaking ice cream actually came out.
Fun activity for kids…”


Want to make sure things are extra safe while the little ones help make their favorite dessert? Well, this ice cream maker doesn’t require any heavy tools — just the tray and scooper. “THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!! Absolutely love it. I am able to make even more than the 6 batches they suggest, it works so well.” said one reviewer. “Seriously best thing ever to make ice cream with!!”

$27.99 AT AMAZON

If you’re looking to save on counter or cabinet space, this ice cream maker is literally just a compact, single serve bowl. The ice cream-making power comes from the the stainless steel lining. With this ice cream maker from Zoku, your little one can easily toss in candy, chocolate chips, oreos, and more to add in while they watch the ice form as they mix the ingredients. We’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cool to see! One Amazon reviewer explained, “I like making small batches and not having leftovers getting lost in the freezer, plus it encourages experimentation and using new ingredients.” Another reviewer gave some pretty good advice too, “If you have kids, I’d recommend getting each kid one… otherwise , you will have craziness in your house!”

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Yes, we’ve got another easy ice cream shaker, but this one is shaped like a penguin! It even has an easy, kid-sized handle in back so they can eat right out of the Pingloo. You know what that means? Less dishes!


There’s not a kid around that doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich (with chocolate brownie as the bread — who wouldn’t?), but how often can you make your own ice-cream truck version at home? Well with this Chef’n set, you can! It comes with one scooping tool and a two-sided sandwich maker that’s adorably shaped like a giant version. It also comes with its own brownie recipe, but a boxed version works too. Just slap in your favorite ice cream in the middle, freeze it for a bit, and viola!


Best Ice Cream Maker Toys

On a hot summer day, your kiddo will want to make batches and batches (and batches) of ice cream with this AMAV Toys Laffy Taffy Ice Cream Maker Machine. It’s adorable and it allows you to make two different flavors at once. There is no freezing required, just add ice to give it the perfect chilled effect. “The best thing to keep the kids busy for hour,” said one reviewer. Another bragged that it’s their new secret weapon. “This is how to keep a kid happy. My 6-year-old grandson has not stopped making ice cream, I wonder he ever will LOL.”

$13.48 AT AMAZON

Do Dippin Dots count as ice cream? We consider them super tiny popsicles. With this fun frozen dot maker machine, you and the kids can make your own fun treats at home! The set includes 1 maker, 6 dot freezer trays, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, and 2 pop pens…so basically, you’re all set. You can recreate one of the famous Dippin Dots’ recipes, or they recommend using soda, juice, or milk to create your own version! One reviewer mentioned, “This is a good item for children who appreciate having a finished product that is consumable, and need not be stored or dusted, or bathed and fed… It teaches them to follow directions, and some social skills in sharing with others. ( It also provides parents with an idea of how interested the child is in the area of kitchen creations.)”

$25.51 AT AMAZON

Kid-Friendly Ice Cream Makers

This ice cream maker is to be used with a little parental help, but what makes this one fun for the kids is the popsicle feature! Yep, you can make your normal soft serve, but in just 20 minutes, you can make popsicles or fudgsicles too. It’s truly something the entire family can enjoy. Reviewers rave about how compact it is and love that each part can fit together for extra easy storage. One happy Amazon reviewer said, “Seriously LOVE how simple it is to use this machine. It’s the perfect size for singles/couples. Handles add-ins (nuts, coconut, berries) with no problems. SUPER easy to clean, doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer when freezing the bowl.”


Whether you only want a little ice cream at a time (gotta avoid those brain freezes), or if you want the cheaper option to ease your way into this ice cream making game — the DASH My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker is the perfect option. One, look at that cute aqua color! (it comes in pink and white too). And two, it makes making ice cream even easier by being compact, lightweight. You add in the ingredients and it does all the churning work for you.

Did we mention this DASH ice cream maker is an Amazon best seller? Well, it is. One reviewer said, “This is a high quality product, affordable, fast, very easy to use, just 1-3 steps to make a great ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt with a simple recipe book.”

$19.98 AT AMAZON

This electric ice cream maker from Nostalgia comes with a built in Candy Crusher — how cool is that? It can make up to 2 quartz of ice cream with little effort for you. If you want to incorporate candy or cookie chunks into your ice cream, use the hand crank to break it up and mix it in.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

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