New Recipe: 13 Mother’s Day 2021 Crafts For Kids To Make & Gift

To me, one of the best parts about your younger kids being in school (other than the break) is when those little handmade pieces of artwork for holidays and special occasions start to come home. I am stoked for Mother’s Day coming up for this reason. Handprints, paintings, glue, tissue paper? Bring it on. And the fun doesn’t have to stop at school. If you’re looking for fun gift ideas for mom (or grandma) from the family, you need a great list of Mother’s Day crafts for kids. With everything from paint and paper crafts to DIY personal care items, these super sweet and sentimental gifts will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Some need a bit of adult supervision (which perhaps you can give while mom gets a break for a doubly thoughtful Mother’s Day gift), but a lot of them are pretty simple for kids to do on their own. There are some very clever ideas out there on the internet — just make sure you’re well stocked with finger paint, glue, glitter, and of course, cupcake liners. Trust me. And know that no matter how the DIY project or craft turns out, it’s the thought that counts. Little kids are always so excited to bring in their homemade card or little trinket, and they’ll have a blast celebrating their mom with these ideas.


Paper Straw Tulips

Flowers are a pretty common Mother’s Day gift, but the kids can take it up a notch this year by making their own tulips — adding a personalized touch to a traditional gift. This Pretty Paper Straw Tulip Craft from I Heart Crafty Things is perfect for older children, or younger children with adult supervision.


Edible Coupons

This is a super clever idea featuring Edible Coupons For Mother’s Day from A Little Craft In Your Day. You’ll need a clear box, white card stock, a sticker maker or glue, a paper trimmer, flower stickers, and of course, one bag of chocolate (or whatever mom’s favorite candy is). This is a craft for a parent to do with their child for mom, and once you make the tiny “coupons,” you stick them to the back of each chocolate piece and put them into the box.


Garden Gift Basket

If mom loves gardening, this easy DIY Garden Gift Basket idea from A Pretty Life In The Suburbs would be a super sweet gift, and a very easy craft. You need a pretty flower pot, a set of gardening tools, seeds, a package of seed markers (which your kids can craft), a gardening magazine, and this other crafty DIY Mother’s Day gift, a Coconut Sugar Scrub for those tired hands from working in the garden.


Cupcake Liner Daffodil Card

Whether making these for a DIY card or for a shadowbox to hang, these Cupcake Liner Daffodils from I Heart Crafty Things are a pretty easy craft for the kids to make for mom (or grandma) for Mother’s Day. You need yellow cupcake liners, mini yellow or orange cupcake liners, blue and green card stock, glue stick, scissors, and small pompoms.


Cupcake Bouquet

Who knew cupcake liners had so many uses? With this cupcake liner craft, you can make an entire bouquet. To make the Cupcake Bouquet from Aunt Peaches, you need cupcake liners (obviously) and something for the stems — whether that’s a straw, popsicle stick, or fake flower stems from The Dollar Store.


Bubble Bath Bars

While this is definitely a craft requiring adult supervision or help, I think the end result for mom is absolutely worth it. Thanks to this easy recipe rom A Beautiful Mess, you can “Make Your Own Bubble Bars” with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, as well as food or soap dye and essential oils. The molds are what really makes these stand out and will make a beautiful gift for mom.


A Little Handprint & Footprint Flowers In A Vase

Pinch Of Perfect’s Handprint and Footprint Flowers and Vase craft is so adorable, cute, and easy — making it a win-win in everyone’s book. You need finger paint, craft paper, three green straws, clear tape, glue/glue dots, card stock, and paint brushes. You have each child make feet and hand prints on the card stock paper, and once they’re dry, cut them out. Then tape the feet and hand prints to the straws as the blooms on the stems, and use the footprint as the vase, and the handprints as the flowers.


Make-It-Yourself Lemon Sugar Scrub

This DIY crafty Make-It-Yourself Lemon Sugar Scrub from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift, in my opinion. Whether it’s from all the counter wiping, dishwashing, or weight lifting I’m doing, I know my hands need some TLC, and I bet the mom in your life’s hands do, too. There are literally four ingredients and you can’t go wrong.


Painted Throw Pillow

I feel like this Painted Throw Pillow Craft from A Little Craft in Your Day can go a few different ways. If you have an older child, you can go with the way the blogger explains by using stencils and making a designed pillow. For younger kids, I think it would be cute to have your child draw their own creations on the pillow with fabric paint. I personally would love this in my living room on my couch or on my bed, but I know some moms are different and wouldn’t want that as decor. Either way, this is a sweet and sentimental gift for mom.


You Are My Sunshine (Mom) Card

I know, I know, another cupcake liner craft. But they’re so inexpensive, easy and cute, how can you resist? These You Are My Sunshine Mother’s Day cards from I Heart Crafty Things are so adorable. You need yellow cupcake liners, googly eyes, blue card stock paper, crayons, and glue. The yellow cupcake liners serve as the sun, and the googly eyes give them some personality. Simply paste the liner to the front of the card and have your child glue the eyes and write and decorate the outside and inside as they wish.


Marbled Paper Mother’s Day Cards

While A Beautiful Mess teaches us “How To Marble With Shaving Cream” I think this can be transferred to some beautiful Mother’s Day cards, don’t you think? You’ll need a plate, shaving cream, inks, a toothpick, a spatula, and some plain white card stock to make these gorgeous and unique Mother’s Day cards. Once they’re dry, your kids can write Mother’s Day messages to mom.


Kid-Made Floral Herb Perfume

Now I think this is one of the coolest DIY crafts on this list. I am a huge fan of homemade herbal concoctions, and this Kid-Made DIY Mother’s Day Floral Herb Perfume from Hello, Wonderful would make a really beautiful and unique gift. You need filtered water, assorted flowers and herbs, spray bottles, and a nice-smelling essential oil like lavender.


Brush Stroke Coasters

These Brush Stroke Coasters from A Little Craft In Your Day will unleash your child’s inner artist, creating a beautiful piece that is as adorable and sentimental as it is functional. Don’t forget to use a spray sealer once the paint dries if you plan on putting glasses that will sweat moisture on there.

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