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1. Chocolate caramel Anzac slice


This sensational slice tows the line between two classic desserts: Anzac biscuits and caramel slice. Together they create a whole new tasty treat that’s not to be missed!

2.  Perfectly traditional vanilla slice


It’s hard to top this old favourite. If you’re looking for a reliable, mouth-watering dessert then this one suits all occasions.

3. Passionfruit swirl cheesecake slice


Get creative in the kitchen with this summery slice that is made to be eaten by the pool or for dessert on a warm evening.

4.  Easter egg slice


While the kids may love mini Easter eggs and bunnies, this decadent slice will be a hit with the adults. Who said Easter was for kids? 

5. Pear, chocolate, and hazelnut brownie slice

With so many flavours to savour, this rich slice is a fudgy blend of deliciousness. 

6. Easy mango and shortbread slice


This creative dessert combines the natural sweetness of fresh mango with the creamy flavour of custard for a dessert no sweet tooth could resist.

7. Caramel pretzel slice


Whip up a batch next time you want to impress your guests. You’re welcome. 

8. Old-fashioned lemon and grapefruit slice

lemon slice

While this slice may have fallen out of fashion, it’s back with a simple Fast Ed reboot that you have to try!

9. Coconut marshmallow slice


This spongey whipped marshmallow and toasted coconut slice is like a small bite of (fluffy)heaven.

10. Riverland sultana slice


No slice list is complete without this Aussie classic. Make it even better by adding in some ginger and coconut. 

11. Crunchy chocolate slice


Chocolate is the superior ingredient in a perfect slice, so you can’t go wrong with this crunchy, chocolatey recipe. 

12. Pear and custard slice


This fruity, crumbly slice goes down nicely with a steaming pot of well-made tea.

13. Chocolate Christmas pudding rocky road slice


If you think Christmas recipes couldn’t get any better, you haven’t made this rocky road slice yet. Add it to your festive celebration menu now!  

14. Strawberry coconut slice


The classic strawberry slice gets a reboot with this tasty recipe. Rather than leaving it at one layer, top it off with a coconut mixture before baking!

15. Fruit salad cheesecake slice


Made with a biscuit base, a creamy filling, and topped off with a colourful array of fresh fruit. 

16. Museli slice


Say goodbye to toast with this breakfast-approved museli slice!

17. Caramel slice


If there’s one slice recipe you need in your baking repertoire it’s this crowd-pleaser. 

18. Raspberry ricotta slice


This slice just might be the prettiest dessert you’ll ever see. And it’s diabetic-friendly too!

19. Easy mocha slice

If you like coffee morning, noon, and night, then why not also have it for dessert with this easy-made slice. 

20. Chewy chocolate caramel slice


This slice has everything you could want in one bite: chunky chocolate bits, oozy caramel, and crunchy walnuts on a rich chocolate cake base.

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