New Recipe: 3 guilt-free ice creams you can freely enjoy in this hot weather

By now, you’re probably feeling the heat. What better way to cool off than eat some ice cream?

In its latest episode, “Pinoy MD” placed the spotlight on guilt-free ice cream with the most interesting flavors.

1. Olive Oil Ice Cream

Who would have thought olive oil and ice cream would make a good mix?

Ice Cream City founders Grace and Gian did, and it’s their best-seller.

Luckily, the pair was all too willing to show their viewers how they make it.

First, they mix the almond milk and vegetable cream for the base. They add in the olive oil and mix until the oil is emulsified. Then, they added the salt.

They let the mixture chill at freezer at -4 degrees Celsius before pouring it in an ice cream machine.

The mixture was then placed in a freezer-safe container.

A 500 mL tub costs P295. Even better? It’s all vegan!

2. Malunggay Ice Cream

Mary Jane got this recipe from her grandmother, who she used to watch make this ice cold treat.

“Pwede rin nating gawing dessert ang gulay especially sa mga bata na di kumakain ng gulay (We can turn vegetables into a dessert, especially for children who don’t like eating vegetables),” she said.

It’s easy to make, too, and Mary Jane demonstrated how.

First, mix the all purpose cream until thick, then pour the condensed milk. After mixing that, place it in the freezer for five minutes.

Blend the malunggay leaves until it turns into puree. Pour that into the milk mixture and, then follow it up with the powdered milk.

When everything is blended, chill the mixture in the freezer for five hours.

Mary Jane sells this for P50 a tub.

3. Mango Ice Cream in a Bag

You can easily make your own guilt-free ice cream at home, and Connie Sison demonstrated how.

Prepare the following:

  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 cup diced mangoes
  • Ice
  • Rock salt
  • 2 sizes of resealable plastic bag

Pour the honey inside the bag, followed by the vanilla extract, and heavy cream.

Place the diced mangoes inside the bag and seal the bag. Place the bag into a bigger bag filled with ice and salt.

Shake the bag and place it in the freezer for good measure.

The next day, your ice cream should be good to go! —JCB, GMA News

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