New Recipe: 4 ice-cream cocktails to up your drinks game this summer

Calippo daiquiris, anyone?

I don’t know about you, but as the weather heats up, I’m itching for something sweet.

Take-away pints and chilled white wine are all well and good, but what if there was a way to next-level your drinks game this summer?

Well, don’t worry because TikTok has got you covered. Not only are these cheeky drinks super easy to make, they’re delicious as well.

What’s more, you won’t need any fancy equipment – a blender will do just fine. And, there are no pricey liqueurs here either – you can nab everything you need at your local supermarket.

1. Solero Daiquiris

Take a cue from TikToker Becky Timlin with this delicious recipe. Chop up two Soleros as well as some mango and pop them into a blender with ice. Next, add a shot of vodka, a shot of peach schnapps and a measure of passion fruit juice. Press blend, serve and enjoy.

2. Ben and Jerry’s and Baileys

TikToker Ant Morely has developed a dedicated following by sharing innovative drinks recipes, and this one is no exception. Simply pop Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice-Cream in a blender with ice, Baileys and milk, blend for a bit and enjoy!

3. Twister Cocktails

Twister cocktails are super popular on TikTok right now, and it’s easy to see why. You only need two ingredients for these – Twister ice-creams and vodka. Remove the ice cream from its stick, pop it in a blender with your poison and there you have it. Feel free to mix it up with this one. Maybe add some fresh fruit, a soft drink, ice or even a cheeky pre-made cocktail mix.

4. Calippo Daiquiris

Sammy J Harvey’s Callipo Daiquiris are, again, a super simple cocktail to make. Squeeze out an orange Calippo into your blender with a shot of vodka, ice and a Fanta. Give it a whizz and you’re good to go.

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