New Recipe: 4 Nutty recipes to choose from

Get your nutcrackers ready, Pecan Day is just around the corner. If you are a fan of these versatile nuts, make sure you have some pecan nuts in your pantry to celebrate Pecan Day. And we have just the way for you to celebrate these tasty nuts: By trying out any of our pecan-rich recipes listed below.

Pecan nuts have so many uses. Use them as toppings in salads, or to give some extra crunch to desserts, or to provide a nutty flavour to main meals.  Alternatively, you can simply enjoy them raw and natural.

So, bring out the pecan nuts from the pantry and get ready to celebrate Pecan Day on 25 March. You can also celebrate this tasty nut on National Pecan Day, which is on 14 April.

Pecan Nut Pie – A true classic

Pecan Nut Pie: Loaded with crunchy pecan nuts. Image: Supplied.

There is nothing like a homemade pecan nut pie straight out of the oven to tantalise your taste buds. The beauty of this pie is in its simplicity: Only a few ingredients are used to bake this pie.

Traditionally, a pecan pie consists of pecan nuts mixed with a filling of eggs, butter and sugar. However, this recipe includes goldens syrup to enhance the flavour of the pecan nuts. If you want to reduce the amount of refined sugar, you can always use honey instead.

The chewy, fibrous filling is so delicious that each bite will make you crave for more. Click here for the full recipe.

Pecan Chocolate Shortbread – The sweet treat you do not want to miss

Pecan Chocolate Shortbread: Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Image: Supplied.

Traditionally shortbread is made with only three ingredients: flour, butter and sugar. Over time the recipe has evolved, and several adaptions have been made. This recipe uses cornflour and icing sugar to create a creamy buttery texture.

This recipe is extra delicious with the addition of pecan nuts and chocolate. The pecan nuts add a crunchy, nutty flavour making these melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies unforgettable. Click here for the full recipe.

Vegan Nut Loaf – Let’s go nuts for this delicious vegan nut loaf

vegan nut loaf
This earthy vegan nut loaf is excellent with still-crunchy steamed veggies and crispy roast potatoes. Image: Salvelio Meyer

Looking for some great vegan recipe ideas? Pecan nuts work excellently in vegan recipes. If you are looking for a hearty vegan meal packed with nutrients, this vegan nut loaf is the answer.

Loaded with pecan nuts, chestnuts and walnuts, this vegan loaf is packed with all the goodness nature has to offer, not to forget about the delicious flavours and contrasting textures. It is almost like a meatloaf but a vegan one! Click here for the full recipe.

Carrot Cake with pecan nuts – Simply divine

carrot cake
Carrot cake with pecans: The crunchy difference. Image: Unsplash.

Who does not like a generous slice of carrot cake with thick cream cheese frosting? This carrot cake is even better than the usual one because it contains a good quantity of pecan nuts, adding an earthy, nutty flavour to this delightful cake.

Making a carrot cake is relatively simple and affordable. However, the key factor to a successful carrot cake is to make sure it is moist. The ingredients that will ensure that the cake is moist are oil, freshly grated carrots, brown sugar, and apple sauce. The pecan nuts offer a crunchy texture to this lip-smackingly delicious cake.

Next time you are looking for a moist, sweet carrot cake with a delicious nutty crunch, look no further than this recipe.

So, there you have four delicious recipes that contain generous quantities of pecan nuts to celebrate Pecan Day. Let us know if you have tried any of our recipes.

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