New Recipe: 5 Best Ice-Cream Moulds To Make Ice-Cream At Home – Find Yummy Ice-Cream Recipe Inside

5 Best Ice-Cream Moulds To Make Ice-Cream At Home - Find Yummy Ice-Cream Recipe Inside

Ice-cream is synonymous to summer

Come summer and we indulge in different types of ice-creams. From cones to popsicles to ice-cream bars – our refrigerators are loaded with delicious ice-cream options for whenever we want them. While these chilled delights are easily available in the market or the grocery store nearby, we can also make ice-creams at home with some bare minimum ingredients. Last summer (in 2020), we enjoyed making different types of ice-creams at home during the months-long lockdown. As summer sets in, we are all set with the ingredients to whip up the ice-cold goodness yet again. But before getting into the recipe, take a look at one of the most important accessory for making ice-creams- the mould. We need a proper ice-cream mould to set it and get the desired shape, just like the store-bought ones.

Keeping this in mind, we handpicked these 5 ice-cream mould options for you:

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Now, when you have the ice-cream mould, without further ado, let’s jump into the recipe.

How To Make Summer-Special Coconut-Watermelon Ice-Cream:

This recipe includes refreshing watermelon juice and coconut milk – making the ice-cream just ideal for the summers. It is basically a sorbet that also has a surprise in the papaya sauce. Besides, the overkill of sweetness from the fruits and coconut milk is balanced with a dash of lemon juice and vinegar. Finally, rose water lends a gratifying rosy flavour. All in all – this popsicle-like ice-cream will suit all types of palates.

Click here for complete recipe.

Try this fruity goodness at home and let us know how you like it.

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