New Recipe: 6 Fun Air Fryer Recipes to Impress Your Family

That air fryer sitting on your shelf comes with some fun to its function. Not just for warming up French fries and chicken sticks, we found six fun recipes to make the most out of your air fryer and impress your kids.

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It turns out that your springform pan is perfectly compatible in an air fryer. So cheesecake is a definite “yes”! Especially if you like a crispier top crust on your cheesecake, this recipe from Recipe This includes variations that will wow your guests.

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Get around the unhealthiness of deep frying doughnuts with this easy recipe from The Kitchn that uses Pillsbury Grands for your base. (You can also cook the holes to make equally amazing doughnut holes!)

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A grilled cheese sammy seems easy on the stovetop, right? But there’s always that race against time to not burn the first side. Set your timer in your air fryer for simple 8-minute grilled cheese that’ll be perfect each time!

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If you can bake it in an oven, you can make it in an air fryer. But in an air fryer – and with this recipe from Mealthy – the cook time shrinks to just five minutes.

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It only takes two minutes in the machine to crisp up the outside of this ice cream to make it a little more tasty. Little Cooks Reading Books uses corn flakes for the crust, and Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch also make for a tasty outer layer.

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You don’t need to deep fry these perfect appetizers to get them crispy, the air fryer is the perfect trick. This recipe from The Spruce Eats calls for paprika and garlic powder to add a great savory taste.

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