New Recipe: 6 Mouth watering dessert recipes with grapefruit to satisfy your sweet tooth

Grapefruit is not only beneficial for our health but it is also tasty which makes a great addition to desserts. So, here are some delicious dessert recipes with grapefruit for your sweet tooth.

6 Mouth watering dessert recipes with grapefruit to satisfy your sweet tooth

Grapefruit is a wonderful food item as it’s loaded with all important nutrients. It has several health benefits which promote overall well-being to us. It is low in calories, improves the immune system, controls our appetite, aids in weight loss, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc. But apart from its health benefits, this fruit makes a wonderful addition to some delicious desserts. So, here are 5 dessert recipes with grapefruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Candied grapefruit peels

You can turn the grapefruit peels into some delicious candies to satisfy the sweet tooth. This recipe is not just tasty, it is healthy as well as you get all the goodness of the peels.


Grapefruit cheesecake recipe

Almost all of us love cheesecake and if this becomes tastier with grapefruits, then it would be tough for us to resist. So, here’s the delicious recipe of grapefruit cheesecake which doesn’t need any baking. So, follow the recipe to make it and enjoy it with your family.


Pink grapefruit pie

If you are a pie lover, then you should consider this recipe of pink grapefruit pie. Follow the recipe below to curb your hunger for pie.


Grapefruit muffin

Here’s another easy dessert recipe with grapefruit, i.e. grapefruit muffin with poppy seeds. So, you can enjoy both tastes of grapefruit and poppy seed with this recipe. Check the video below to get the recipe.


Roasted grapefruit

Check this recipe of roasted grapefruit to enjoy the smoked flavour. This is also a great item for all vegans. Follow the recipe below.


Grapefruit yoghurt cake

Now, get the goodness of both grapefruit and yoghurt with this easy cake recipe. Here’s the recipe given below.


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