New Recipe: 8 TikTok Recipes Using Oreos You’ll Want To Milk For All They’re Worth

Oreos are not just milk’s favorite cookie — it seems like they’re TikTok’s as well. You can find tons of TikTok recipes using Oreos just by scrolling through your “For You” page. From waffles to mug cakes, Oreo recipes seem to be trending often. As an Oreo lover, you know you want to try them all, so if you consider yourself an at-home baker, it’s time to get to the kitchen to start your very own Oreo TikTok journey.

There’s so much to love about Oreos. They’ve got the delicious chocolate cookies on the outside and tasty AF vanilla cream on the inside. They’re also great on their own, and even better dunked in milk. It makes sense that so many TikTokers would be experimenting with Oreos to see what other delicious treats they can make. Since there are at least these eight Oreo desserts on TikTok, you could even plan out an entire Oreo week (and then some) of fun. Make the super trendy mug cake on Monday with your go-to cup of coffee, and finish out the weekend with some edible Oreo cookie dough for your roomie movie night snack. This is your Oreo journey, so start wherever your tastebuds are leaning and have a tasty good time.

1. Two-Ingredient Oreo Waffles


One of the easiest recipes you can try is this one for two-ingredient Oreo waffles, so it’s a good place to start. If you follow TikToker @canitwaffle’s recipe, all you need to do is blend together some Oreos and milk into a mixture you can cook in your waffle maker. That’s it! It’s so simple, and has the official seal of approval from Oreo’s official TikTok.

2. Edible Oreo Cookie Dough

If you’re someone who eats raw cookie dough even though you’re not supposed to, this edible Oreo cookie dough is for you. No more risking the raw eggs and uncooked flour, because this recipe from TikToker @fitwaffle doesn’t use any of that. Instead, combine some crushed-up Oreos into a safe-to-eat and easy-to-make cookie dough for something that looks like delicious cookies and cream ice cream.

3. Three-Ingredient Oreo Fudge

Another simple recipe to try is this three-ingredient Oreo fudge from TikToker @matthewinthekitchen. All you need to do is combine some white chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk, and stir in your crushed-up Oreos. After chilling in the fridge, you’ve got some delicious Oreo fudge you can either enjoy all to yourself or share with your besties.

4. Easy Oreo Balls

These little Oreo balls look like cake pops and are perfect for sharing. Simply crush up your Oreos with some cream cheese. Once you roll them up into little balls, cover them in white chocolate and enjoy. This particular recipe from TikToker @honeybobabear is so beloved that it has over 4.6 million likes.

5. Oreo Mug Cake


Mug cakes have always been a great idea. They’re super easy to make, create just the right serving, and don’t require a lot of dishes you have to clean up later. That’s why you need to make this Oreo mug cake ASAP. Also, this recipe from TikToker @guitarman3245 only uses four Oreos and takes one minute to cook in the microwave, so with a whole pack, you can make so many Oreo mug cakes in no time.

6. Dorayaki Oreo

A dorayaki is a delicious Japanese treat that’s very similar to a whoopie pie. It usually has two pancake-like buns with a sweet bean paste in the center, but this Oreo dorayaki has two chocolate Oreo cookie buns with a delicious vanilla cream center. Basically, this recipe from TikToker @kitchenzoom uses Oreo cookies to make one giant and fluffy Oreo cookie.

7. No Mix Oreo Cake

With this recipe from TikToker Sophia Wasu (@aquickspoonful), you don’t have to mix a single thing. Just place your Oreos, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, fudge cake mix, and butter into a pan and bake. The end result is a super delicious Oreo cake that tastes too good to be true.

8. Oreo Sushi

If an Instagram-worthy treat is your goal, you must try this Oreo sushi recipe from TikToker @cheeseordesserts. Don’t worry, no fish are involved in this recipe. Instead, you’re making dessert sushi by using crushed-up Oreo cookies and sweetened condensed milk as your “seaweed” and the vanilla cream with condensed milk as your “rice.”

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