New Recipe: Anne Hathaway shares game-changing way to eat cupcakes

If you’re anything like us, when there’s a cake in front of you, it’s not there for long. It doesn’t take much persuasion for us to gobble up a sweet treat – and there are usually plenty of options in the YOU office.

Cupcakes aren’t always the neatest of things to eat, especially when they’re decorated with a lusciously fluffy buttercream on top of a soft sponge. But recently, former YOU cover star Anne Hathaway shared her genius technique for eating cupcakes and it’s a serious game-changer.

Anne Hathaway
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Appearing as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week, the Devil Wears Prada actress revealed she transforms cupcakes into ‘cupcake sandwiches’ to avoid getting buttercream all over her face.

‘I didn’t realise that this was that unusual until I was at my friend Steph’s 40th birthday,’ she started. ‘And it got omicroned so we couldn’t have a cake, so we did cupcakes.’

Anne continued: ‘And so I took my cupcake… and I did this thing, and it stopped the party. So you take the top, and you pull it apart and then you flip it.’

This simple yet clever way of eating the means you don’t get buttercream and decorations on your nose. Now we’re wondering why we’ve never thought of this before?

Host Kelly Clarkson was equally as impressed with the hack as we were, saying that she was going to ‘steal’ it. Although, many viewers on YouTube commented they had also been eating cupcakes this way for ages already, and were shocked others hadn’t adopted the technique yet.

Is this the excuse we needed to whip up a batch of delicious cupcakes? Absolutely. We’ve got loads of cupcake recipes for you to try, from the iconic red velvet flavour by Lola’s Cupcakes to Mini Eggs bunny cupcakes for Easter. Enjoy!

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