New Recipe: Anne Hathaway’s Trick To Eating Cupcakes Is Blowing Everyone’s Minds

Cupcakes are a great thing, especially when they’re loaded with buttercream. But such buttercream does incur one problem… mess! Eating a buttercream-topped cupcake in public isn’t exactly the easiest (and most elegant) of tasks, right?

I mean, when was the last time you didn’t end up with buttercream all over your top lip, the bridge of your nose and chin when scoffing a cupcake?

Well luckily for us, The Princess Diaries star, Anne Hathaway, has just shared her nifty trick to eating cupcakes, without the usual mess.

Appearing as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier last week, it turns out Hathaway likes to transform her cupcakes into “cupcake sandwiches.”

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Explaining the origin of her trick, she says, “I didn’t realise that this was that unusual until I was at my friend Steph’s 40th birthday. And it got omicroned so we couldn’t have a cake, so we did cupcakes.”

“And so I took my cupcake… and I did this thing, and it stopped the party.”

“So you take the top, and you pull it apart and then you flip it.”

She goes onto say that this way of eating cupcakes stops the frosting from going up your nose. Clever, or what?

With over 200,000 views, the clip has already received hundreds of comments from fans. One person said, “Anne is a genius in so many levels,” while another commented, “I never thought of that before!!”

So, who’s about to bake up a batch of cupcakes and put this trick to test? WE SURE ARE.

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