New Recipe: Award-winning ice cream shop with exotic flavors scoops in on Frisco

An award-winning ice cream shop will soon have a little brother: Ked’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats, located at 6205 Coit Rd. in Plano, will open a second location in Frisco, at 12900 W. Eldorado Pkw. #120, in a former short-lived nail salon.

According to co-owner Vishnu Banda, the new shop will open in late spring.

Ked’s has a long history of making great ice cream, starting out in 2009 as Old Town Creamery before they expanded to Plano and rebranded as Ked’s — a reflection of their broadened menu which currently includes not only ice cream but also crepes, waffles, bubble waffles, coffee, and boba teas.

They excel at all of the vanilla-chocolate-strawberry classics but what makes them stand out is their selection of “international” exotic and unusual flavors you don’t find at other ice cream shops. Such as:

  • Almond Date Avalanche

  • Almond Pistachio Saffron Surprise

  • Butterscotch Gush

  • Cashew Fig Big

  • Cashew Raisin (Kaju / Daraksha)

  • Chai Tea

  • Custard Apple State Fair

  • Durian

  • Falooda

  • Guava

  • Kulfi

  • Lychee

  • Malai Oolong (Green Tea)

Another point of distinction are their faloodas — a really cool Indian dessert drink made with various layered elements including milk, ice cream, vermicelli noodles, and rose syrup, not unlike another Asian dessert called halo halo ice cream, that’s been described as a dessert, beverage, sundae, and ice cream float all rolled into one.

Vishnu Banda is opening the shop with his brother, in partnership with Ked’s owner Hussain “Ked” Kedwaii. The brothers are both engineers who share an entrepreneurial streak.

“I’m 29, and I wanted to try something different,” Vishnu says. “But more than that, their ice cream is excellent. I love the unusual selection of flavors, many of which have Indian flavors I grew up with.”

“There’s nothing else like in Frisco,” he says.

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