New Recipe: Banana Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwich – The Latest Food Trend Of 2021

Banana Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwich - The Latest Food Trend Of 2021

Food Trends: Try this interesting grilled cheese sandwich made with banana bread.Photo: iStock

Banana bread was among the most popular food trends of the year 2020. It featured on the 7th position among the top 10 recipes trending globally as per Google’s Year in Search. The simple yet delicious recipe required just a couple of ingredients which were easily available at home. Further, it was a great way to utilise bananas that had become overripe and difficult to consume raw. If you thought that the banana bread trend was over, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. The banana bread is back again in year 2021, but in an all-new avatar! Banana bread grilled cheese sandwich is the latest trend to be taking social media by storm. Take a look:

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Wondering what banana bread grilled cheese sandwich is? Basically, slices of banana bread are cut and spread with cheese. The sweet and creamy sandwich is then toasted in a grill toaster or a skillet with some butter to make it extra crisp. And voila! Your gooey delight is ready to be devoured. You can use practically any cheese to make the banana bread grilled cheese sandwich, but using a less salty cheese is better. For instance, the most popular recipe for banana bread grilled cheese uses Brie cheese or Cream cheese to make the sandwich.

The banana bread grilled cheese sandwich is a recipe you didn’t know you needed. The crunchy, nutty texture of the toasted banana bread goes perfectly with the gooey, molten cheese. Further, this recipe satiates both your sweet tooth as well as your cheese cravings.

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Food Trends 2021: This is a unique spin to the banana bread recipe. 

Here’s How To Make Banana Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwich:


2 slices Banana bread

1 tbsp Butter

2 tbsp Cream Cheese


1. Cut up two slices of banana bread.

2. Slather on the cream cheese. You can use any variety.

3. Close the sandwich. Heat up a grilled toaster or a skillet.

4. Spread butter on the top and bottom sides of the sandwich.

5. Toast from both ends until cheese inside is melted or toast turns golden-brown and crisp.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the banana bread grilled cheese sandwich. Trust us, it’ll become your go-to recipe this year.

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