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Best Cheap Brandy For Eggnog. Br and y gives eggnog an even spicier character, and paul masson gr and e amber vsop ($14), which is aged four years in oak, rises to the occasion nicely. Eggnog is most often spiked with either brandy, rum, or whiskey, but which liquor makes the best eggnog?

Eggnog Recipe & History MyBartender

Eggnog Recipe & History MyBartender from

The 1796 was first released in 1996 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the estate’s founding. Regarding this, which alcohol goes best with eggnog? I actually prefer an inexpensive california brandy to expensive, aged brandies like cognacs in my egg nog:

Eggnog Recipe & History MyBartender

It blends distilled wines from burgundy, champagne. The higher alcohol level will cut through the sweetness of the rest of the ingredients. This eggnog had a nice sweetness in every sip, which paired admirably with the creamy egg base. The real mccoy 5 year rum view on minibar delivery view on the name of this bottle is a node to captain bill mccoy, one of the most infamous rum runners of the prohibition era.

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