New Recipe: Biscuit Recipe as an Easter Egg

Ted Lasso: Biscuit Recipe as an Easter Egg

A nice side aspect in “Ted Lasso”: The trainer always brings the pastry for the magazine fix with the club owner. This way the biscuit goes well with the cake.

“Ted Lasso”, a comedy series about a football coach from Kansas who leaves from London as a football team coach, goes into its second season on July 23, last week by Apple in its “Spring Loaded “was revealed at the event and featured the first trailer. Last week, Apple hid an Easter egg to the credit of Keynote, a shortbread recipe with which Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) impresses club owner Rebecca (Hannah Weddingam) every day – and who is apparently in the second season Plays an important role in. becomes.

David smith is a little
Looking at the first lines and looking for a recipe from reality that resembles fantasy, they found one from Melissa Clarke

Bitterweight Brownie Shortbread
, Appeared on the pages of “New York Times”. This small doughy fragility, which comes from Scotland (and not from Kansas), is often served at tea time in the UK – the charming and friendly American thinks tea is known for watering.

Smith is no different in the recipes found in the series (and in the trailer for season 2). And as Youtube channel Babish Culinary Universe discovered while cooking a simple shortbread recipe, the series’ character was a bit more creative and put some effort into it. Because the biscuits called Ted Lasso Cookies or Biscuits give a slightly crisp, roasted sugar (you can probably use raw sugarcane sugar as well) to the recipe with a more pleasant texture. In any case, we want you to cook it in a fun way, we should fix it by the start of the making of the series in July.

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