New Recipe: B&M shares ‘yummy’ baking recipe but some shoppers call it ‘heart attack in a tin’

B&M shared a “yummy” baking recipe but some shoppers described it as a “heart attack in a loaf tin.”

The discount retailer, which has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing shops, regularly treats Instagram users to hidden gems found in store.

With more than 3 million shoppers per week, B&M customers often discover unique products in store, including a £20 mirror and Kinder Bueno chocolate selection.

Occasionally the store shares recipes with ingredients that can be found in B&M.

B&M posted a video of a Malteser loaf recipe which included delicious ingredients milk chocolate, golden syrup, butter, shortbread and Maltesers.

B&M captioned the video: ‘Malteser Loaf – B&M Stores’

‘This is the only kind of loaf we want to eat this morning!’

‘Chocolatey, Maltesery goodness – it’s so tasty, and looks amazing!’

‘WHO fancies trying this.’

Some shoppers joked about the “unhealthy” ingredients but were still eager to try the treat.

One user wrote: “This is by far the most unhealthiest thing I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to try it.”

And another said: “Looks sooo good but my god like a heart attack.”

Another user commented: “Too much chocolate and too much shortbread. But definitely love the idea of putting Maltesers into a cake or brownie.”

One user also weighed in on the caterpillar cake debate that has dominated discussion among British supermarkets.

One user commented: “Double dare you to stick a caterpillar face on the front of that.”

The user was referring to the legal complaint lodged by M&S against Aldi’s discounted Cuthbert the Caterpillar in defence of M&S’ Colin the Caterpillar cake.

B&M responded jokingly: “Carl the Caterpillar!”

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