New Recipe: Breakfast bites with scattered fruity pieces

Having some extra pears at home? This delicious pear muffins recipe is an appetising snack to prepare for breakfast or as an anytime snack. This recipe is especially popular to prepare during the cooler months when pears are plentiful.

Preparing this recipe is so quick and easy. The brown sugar goes so well with the sun-kissed sweetness of the pears. You can keep things really simple or take them to the next level by spending a few extra minutes to brown the butter beforehand. Either way, they are amazing and make the perfect breakfast or any time-of-the-day treat!

Variation ideas for this pear muffins recipe

The pieces of pear in the muffins make it a perfect bite for the breakfast table or as a mid-morning snack if you do not have time to enjoy breakfast. If you love this recipe, you will enjoy trying some other fruity flavours. Try some apple pieces, berries or even figs for different fruity options.

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