New Recipe: Cayman Island Platinum Cake Competition FAQ

Cayman Island Platinum Cake Competition FAQ

For Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee we are looking for another recipe to add to that illustrious list. So if you are a keen home baker, read on.

What are we looking for?
For this competition we are looking for Cayman’s take on the idea of a dessert or cake. Something sweet that you would enjoy on its own, or to round off a meal.

Please make sure your recipe:
» Is genuine, accurate and original
» Is able to be submitted by email to the Governor’s Office
» Is hand-made (electric whisks and other commonplace gadgets are fine!) by you as an original creation
Please make sure your entry does not:
» Include anything else apart from your recipe, a short description and story and a photo
» Include any names or personal details
» Include any components that you have copied exactly from somewhere else

What are you looking for?

Steamed or baked, layered or rolled, a pie or crumble, a cake or tart, the Platinum Cake Competition is open to interpretation.

Should it be sweet or savoury?
Your recipe submission should be sweet. If in doubt, just imagine your recipe being served for afternoon tea or after the main course.

Who can enter?
This competition is open to all individuals and families. However, one lead entrant must be nominated and submit the entry on their behalf and for the purposes of the competition that nominated person shall be responsible for that submission. This is not a competition for professional chefs, it’s for home bakers.

How old do I have to be to enter?
The competition is open to all Cayman residents over the age of 8. While we know there are plenty of brilliant junior bakers out there, we still require parents or guardians of applicants between the ages of 8-17 years to complete the competition form on their behalf.

Why do I have to be over 8 to enter?
We all know that baking and cooking can be a hazardous (and messy!) affair whatever your age – but children over the age of 8 are able to be a bit more independent in the kitchen, and be more involved in prepping and planning too. Adult supervision is still recommended though.

Who are the Judges?
» Lori Ann Foley, Sugar Artist, Cake designer and Owner of The Cake Studio
» Elizabeth Larsen, Chef and Owner of Jazzy Cakes
» Mark Lea, Chef at Government House
» Brittanni Seymour, Owner and Executive Pastry Chef of Scratch Gourmet Desserts

Can I submit more than one application?
There is a limit of only one entry per person. If entrants submit more than
one entry, only the first will be judged and the others will be disregarded.

Can I share my photos of my recipe on social media?
Absolutely! We encourage you to share tips, pointers, and images – our one request is that you include the hashtag #CaymanPlatinumCake.

Is it open to professional chefs?
As the competition is open to entrants as young as 8 years of age, the competition is limited to amateur bakers.
Entrants must not (i) have any formal qualification in baking, cooking, food production, food preparation or catering (ii) be employed in a commercial organisation as a baker, cook or chef or (iii) have a livelihood that is derived from commercial baking or cooking.

What are the timings of the competition?
1 March: Competition opens for entries April: Final day to submit your entry
Round one: Week commencing 4 April 2022 The initial judging of the written entries
Round two: Week commencing 25 April 2022 10-15 entries will be taste tested by the judges
After the taste test, the winner of the Platinum Cake Competition and the winning recipe will be announced.

How will I know if I have been shortlisted?
You will be contacted by the Governor’s office after the first round of judging.
By early May: All entrants will be notified via email of the shortlisted entries, shortly followed by an announcement.

Cayman Island Platinum Cake Competition 2022

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