New Recipe: Celebrate Easter with a combination of traditional recipes

Easter is here and if you have not planned a menu yet, we have a variety of delicious Easter recipes for you. These recipes are a variety of tasty South African and international tradition that will receive the popularity vote from all who enjoy them.

So, grab your apron and let the Easter cooking and baking adventures begin!

Roast Lamb Recipe
Turkish inspired roast lamb with a South African twist: Tasty sensation. Image: Unsplash.

The long weekend has started and what better excuse do we need to light the braai fire? This succulent roast lamb recipe is perfect to grill slowly on the coals.  

There is nothing better than taking a traditional recipe and adapting and evolving it to create what you know and love. This recipe is perfect for that perfect roast lamb.

Traditionally, this roast lamb would be cooked by hanging the lamb whole from a suspended hook over the coals, then cover the top and leave it to cook for hours on end. It is almost like a spit braai that gets all the benefits of slow cooking while locking in the flavour.

For the full recipe together with suggested side dishes like roasted potatoes, veggies or a nice veggie pickle and flatbread, click here.

Cape Malay Curry Fish – Dig into this delicious Easter tradition

Cape Malay Curry Fish
Cape Malay Curry Fish: The Easter tradition not to miss! Image: Supplied.

Capetonians need no introduction to pickled curry fish over the Easter period. It is a tasty dish intertwined with Easter tradition in Cape Town. The basic ingredients for this Easter dish are fish, onions, vinegar, curry and turmeric, but each curry fish chef has their own secret to prepare this Easter delicacy.

The turmeric and curry spices give this dish its intense colour and enticing flavour. Make sure you select a firm fish, use slightly sweet curry and uncooked onions and your Cape Malay Curry Fish will make Easter even more memorable.

Serve with a thick slice of homemade bread with a generous amount of butter and crispy lettuce. For the full recipe, click here and get ready for a lip-smackingly delicious Easter feast.  

Hot Cross Buns – Whip up a batch in your own kitchen

hot cross buns
Hot cross buns: For a traditional Easter. Image: Unsplash.

What is Easter without sweet and sticky hot cross buns? This is the time of year that supermarkets’ bakeries bake loads of these appetising Easter treats.

This year, why not try to bake your own hot cross buns? Not only will you enjoy soft, warm rolls straight from the oven, but your home will be engulfed with the characteristic aroma of Easter.

The quantities in this recipe are enough for 8 hot cross buns, but your family will definitely request more, so just prepare a double batch and you will be covered.

To get an extra shiny glaze, brush the cooked, cooled bun with a light sugar syrup instead of the milk glaze. The glistening glaze will make the buns even more appetising.

For this must-try Easter recipe, click here. Easter will never be the same again.

South African malva pudding with a delicious chocolate twist

South African malva pudding with a delicious chocolate twist: Let the festivities begin. Image: Supplied.

Easter is family time and the perfect occasion to whip together a typical South African dessert. Every South African probably has a “go-to” malva pudding recipe but this one has an irresistible chocolate twist. The sublime sweeter tastes of the sponge are offset by the addition of bitter chocolate.

Serve this traditional dessert with custard or vanilla ice cream. For the full recipe, click here.

With these four Easter recipes, make yourself ready for an unforgettable weekend. We wish you and your family a beautiful Easter. Protection Status

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