New Recipe: Celebrating National English Muffin Day With Chef Curtis Stone And Wolferman’s Bakery

Although many people understandably celebrate it every day, today is officially National English Muffin Day.

For travelers – and for award-winning chef and restaurateur Curtis Stone – that brings to mind those thick, iconic English Muffins from Wolferman’s Bakery that make eating breakfast in a luxury hotel or top restaurant (like Stone’s Los Angeles-based Gwen) such a joy.

The Michelin-star chef has teamed up with Wolferman’s Bakery to create three exclusive recipes in honor of National English Muffin Day. They’re so simple yet so decadent, you’ll forget you’re in your own kitchen.

Wolferman’s Bakery has been making English muffins for more than a century and, paired with Stone’s easy-to-make recipes, they will absolutely convince you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or at least the most delicious.

Stone’s three new creations that you’ll want to make at home right now are:

  • Mini Brekkie Sandies: This mini-breakfast sandwich features juicy sausage patties seasoned with fresh sage, thyme, and black pepper, topped with cheesy scrambled eggs and a sriracha mayo, all in between Wolferman’s Bakery San Francisco-Style Sourdough Mini English Muffins. “The dad in me loves the full-size muffins for hearty breakfasts with the family but the chef in me loves these mini muffins which are appetizer-sized and perfect for brekkie boards (breakfast charcuterie boards),” says Stone.
  • Citrus-Vanilla Bostock Bites: Stone describes these as “the love child of the almond croissant and French toast.” French pastries are reimagined using Wolferman’s Bakery 1910 Original Recipe Mini English Muffins. They are soaked in citrus syrup and thentopped with an almond frangipane and baked to perfection.
  • Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast: A classic breakfast or brunch staple featuring fresh avocado with a squeeze of lime and sprinkling of sea salt, piled onto toasted Wolferman’s Bakery San Francisco-Style Sourdough Super Thick English Muffins, then topped with soft-boiled eggs, crispy bacon, frisée, shaved radishes, and Aleppo pepper flakes. According to Stone, “Wolferman’s English Muffins are perfect for this because they’re hefty enough to hold a generously-sized topping.”

Because I’m a huge fan of both Wolferman’s and Curtis Stone (who I “met” on Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Adventure more than a decade ago), I reached out to the chef to learn more about their partnership.

Tell us about the recipes you created and why you chose them.

The Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast is creamy and delicious. I love the saltiness of the bacon but that can easily be eliminated to accommodate vegetarians and, instead, you can add tomato, sprouts, or a spiced nut mixture for texture. The Mini Brekkie Sandies are the perfectly sized morning sandwich with cheesy eggs and some secret sauce for a tad of kick. The Mini Citrus Bostock Bites are for anybody who prefers more of a pastry-type breakfast, with their nutty, tangy vibe coming from the almond cream and orange zest.

Why did you want to partner with Wolferman’s Bakery?

There is something about an English muffin that is just comforting. Warm, crisp with plenty of crevices to soak up ingredients. Plus, I like having options, and Wolferman’s Bakery offers 12 flavors across three different sizes: traditional, super-thick and mini. There is something for everyone.

How would you describe Wolferman’s English muffins?

Wolferman’s Bakery English muffins are the ultimate vehicle to use as a base to so many different recipes, which gets me excited about cooking up a scrumptious meal in the kitchen. My first thought when I had Wolferman’s Bakery Super-Thick English muffins was, “What am I going to put on top of this!” That little bit of extra makes a great base for my favorite toppings, from avocado to a cheesy egg. All of the air pockets ensure a crispy texture that pairs beautifully with creamier ingredients or to hug a good French butter, sweet jam, or honey. 

Which Wolferman’s English Muffin is your favorite?

I’m rather a traditionalist so I gravitate toward the Wolferman’s Bakery San-Francisco style Sourdough English muffin.

How would you use some of the other Wolferman’s flavors, like Cinnamon Raisin or Wild Maine Blueberry or …

They’re perfect on their own or with a little butter because they have so much flavor but they also make amazing French toast!

How do English muffins figure into your own meals?

I like to wake up before everyone else and have a coffee. Maybe I’ll get in a workout if I have the time. I typically wait for Lindsay and the boys to get out of bed to see what the family is hungry for before plotting out breakfast. I love a good avocado mash on a lightly toasted English muffin. I up the ante with a soft-boiled egg and have myself a quick, healthy meal that I could eat every morning. The smell of breakfast is my number one way of getting the kids downstairs in the morning. 

What do Australians think about English muffins?

We love a good brekkie sandwich, and guess what I’ve found makes the perfect one? You guessed it – the English muffin. When I was a kid, my mum would cut a hole in the middle and fry an egg inside of it. It was a favorite breakfast of mine and my brother’s growing up.  

What would people be surprised to know about English muffins?

The term “English muffin” can be deceiving as they are marketed in England as American muffins and they are quite popular in Australia. Wolferman’s Bakery was founded in 1888 and introduced the 1910 Original English muffin, which is still available today. Their Super-thick English muffins are unique as they are the same shape and size as when it was originally baked in a tuna can! 

What are some other ingredients that go well with English muffins that readers may not have considered before?

It’s easy to personalize English muffins with different toppings to suit just about anybody. I know it can be polarizing but I’m Aussie and love Vegemite. I encourage everyone to give it a go. 

How can English muffins be incorporated into meals other than breakfast?

There are so many ways to get the most out of an English muffin – just channel the creativity. English muffins can be substituted for any-type of open-faced sandwich or for sliders. And I think we’ve all tried slathering them with marinara and topping with mozzarella for an easy pizza. Top them with fresh berries and some whipped cream for a simple and fast dessert.

How will you be celebrating National English Muffin Day?

One thing’s for sure: The toaster will be working in high gear this National English Muffin Day! The recipes I created are a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen, so I’ll have the boys helping me out as we whip up a bit of a breakfast feast to celebrate. We may do a taste test with all of the different Wolferman’s varieties although I know one of my sons has already decided the winner is Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

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