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It is common for food to get burnt.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your food when overcooked by a fast-food worker? Now, you have answers. It has become a regular practice. Customers and employees often share the secrets of well-known establishments.

For example, a shopper showed how Dollar Tree has low prices despite inflation. Or an entrepreneur boasted he hires about 40 employees. And explains it’s affordable because 18 live in the Philippines and earn $5 per hour.

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Well. When your food becomes burnt in a fast-food restaurant, it does not necessarily get thrown out.

A Chili’s worker shared what happens to your overcooked chocolate molten cake. TikToker (@fortheloveof_money) posted the video. The video features an overcooked chocolate molten cake. The server then fills the center with chocolate sauce. Drizzles it with caramel sauce and tops the cake with ice cream to obscure the burnt look and taste.

Most comments were okay with the coverup. But some did not like how the cake got plated.

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