New Recipe: Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Coming Back This Summer!

Nineties kids: prepare to whip out your boombox and AIM all your friends with *major* news! This summer, you can expect to see your favorite nostalgic snack item (besides cosmic brownies) back on store shelves nationwide, and yes, we’re talking about Chocolate Dunkaroos. The munchable snack that many of us nibbled on in the halls of school is expected to hit grocery stores and select convenience stores this July, making the thought of summer even more enticing. The vanilla cookie and chocolate frosted treats come in a sealed container that’s easy to take on the go, so prepare to pack them for beach days, road trips, or even work (we guarantee they’ll be a hit!).

Although Dunkaroos made their return to stores last year, we’re super excited to have this old-school flavor hit our taste buds again. And while we patiently wait for July to roll around, you can enjoy the flavors Dunkaroos is already offering like birthday cake, strawberry, and even Go-Gurt (what a throwback).

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