New Recipe: Chung Yul Bang (Scallion Pancakes) Recipe

The cookbook author Grace Young learned to make these scallion pancakes from her mother, and the recipe first appeared in her book “The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen” (Simon & Schuster, 1999). They have the perfect blend of crispy flakiness and tenderness. The trick is a mix of boiling and cold water: The boiling water gives you a soft, malleable dough that is easy to work, the cold water just the right chewiness in the fried pancake. While some cooks spread a flour-water paste over the dough with the scallions for flakier layers, Ms. Young prefers brushing a thin and simple sheen of aromatic sesame oil. She also prefers these served without any dipping sauce: “Hot out of the wok, they don’t need anything,” she said. “They’re perfect the way they are.” —Rachel Wharton

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