New Recipe: Clodagh McKenna divides viewers with behaviour

This Morning chef Clodagh McKenna left viewers divided today with her behaviour during a cooking segment.

On Tuesday’s show, the Irish cook, 45, made a quick and easy no bake lemon cheesecake with hazelnut crumb.

However, Clodagh left some people unhappy when she licked her finger and dipped it into the mixture.

Clodagh on This Morning
Clodagh made a lemon cheesecake (Credit: ITV)

What did Clodagh say on This Morning today?

As Clodagh made the delicious cheesecake, she couldn’t help but have a taste of the mixture.

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Mixing whipped cream, cream cheese, caster sugar and lemon juice and zest, the chef admitted: “This is where I think I make the best lemon cheesecake because this filling is so good.”

Clodagh on This Morning
The star couldn’t resist a taste (Credit: ITV)

What did Clodagh do?

After whisking the mixture, Clodagh dipped her finger into the mixture and tried a bit.

However, she then scooped up another bit on her finger before pouring the mixture onto a biscuit base.

Viewers watching were divided over Clodagh’s antics with one person calling it “revolting”.

Clodagh on This Morning
Viewers were divided over Clodagh dipping her finger in the mixture (Credit: ITV)

One said on Twitter: “@thismorning the baker making the cheesecake, wish she would stop putting her fingers in her mouth that’s just grime!”

Another tweeted: “@thismorning – please ask Clodagh not to lick her fingers whilst doing her cooking demonstrations, it’s revolting not to mention unhygienic!!”

What did viewers say?

One added: “She just licked her finger and put her finger back in the bowl. No cheesecake for me thanks.”

But others found it funny and loved seeing Clodagh on the show.

One laughed: “Lol @thismorning Clodagh shoving her fingers in her cheesecake mix then licking and going back for another dose.

“Don’t think anyone will be eating that.”

Another gushed: “Love ya Ms Clodagh! Bringing the joy! You are a dote! Loving your cheese cake recipe and keep up that beautiful joy of life!”

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One added: “Love watching Clodagh on this morning she’s always so cheerful.”

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