New Recipe: Decadent chocolate desserts from around the world

Chocolate is rich, sweet and pairs well with almost anything. It is a universally loved dessert. Every country across the world uses it a little differently, offering special desserts and creamy beverages that feature its decadent flavors.

From brigadeiro in Brazil to Nama chocolate in Japan, here are some chocolate delights from around the world that you should try if you have the chance.

Nama Chocolate – Japan

Nama chocolates are silky, ganache-like squares that are typically dusted in cocoa powder.

The name comes from the freshness of the cream involved. The melt in the mouth chocolate needs to be refrigerated because of its high dairy content.

Japanese confectioner ROYCE is said to have created the original Nama chocolate recipe in 1995.

They sell a variety of flavors of this signature chocolate and many of them are infused with special liqueurs.

Sachertorte – Austria

The original Sachertorte is the most famous Austrian cake. It is a classic, layered chocolate sponge cake that is thinly coated with high-quality apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing. Sachertorte is said to taste the best when paired with a small cloud of unsweetened whipped cream on the side.

It was invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher, a pastry chef for Prince Clemens Lothar Wensel Metternich, the State Chancellor of Austria at the time. The prince wanted a new cake, and Sacher, 16 years old at the time, obliged him by creating something new from ingredients that were readily available in the kitchen.

Brigadeiro – Brazil

Brigadeiro is a decadent Brazilian dessert made by heating three key ingredients together – unsalted butter, cocoa powder, and condensed milk, which are then rolled into a small ball, similar in shape to a truffle. First made in the 1940s, when fruit and sweets were in short supply, brigadeiro was born out of creativity with just a few ingredients. 

According to one legend, Brigadeir Eduardo Gomes was running for presidency in 1945 with a slogan that said “Vote for Brigadeir, he’s handsome and single”. The slogan won over a lot of girls who baked and sold the sweets in order to raise funds for Brigadeir’s campaign.

Soufflé au chocolat – France

Popularly known as chocolate soufflé, this is an exquisite French dessert that combines dark chocolate with a creamy egg yolk base and fluffy egg whites. Typically prepared in small ramekins, it should always be lightly baked in order to stay soft and velvety in the middle, with a delectable, crunchy top.

Just like other soufflé varieties, the chocolate version is also considered to be technically challenging, but if done properly, it results in a wonderfully delicate sweet treat.

Kladdkaka – Sweden

The gooiest chocolate cake of your dreams! In Sweden, one of the first words you’ll learn in the language is “fika,” which is an important cultural tradition in the area. It’s like a coffee break with an emphasis on socializing as you enjoy caffeinated beverages and delicious treats like kladdkaka.

Kladdkaka literally translates to “sticky cake” and that’s exactly what this dessert is.

This cake is gooey, melty, and molten and it’s also one of the most popular items to enjoy at fika, which can happen several times per day.


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