New Recipe: Deep fried water is the new social media craze

Over the years, many people have come up with ideas on how to flavour water to give it a better taste.

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Many of the recipes include adding fruits or cucumbers.

However, we were never ready for this new recipe!

An internet user has come up with an insane idea of deep fried water and people are loving it.

Of all the crazy recipes that we have come across, this one takes the cake.

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But, the recipe is not just about taking water and adding it to oil – that is very dangerous and you should never do it.  

Deep-fried water involves using water and calcium alginate. To make calcium alginate, you need calcium chloride and sodium alginate. Both of them mixed together will make a sort of gelatinous material that bonds water together. The water will look jelly-like.

Then you need to add the jelly-like domes of water to flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Then the breaded water is deep fried and drained.

However, although the final product looks appetising, it is apparently said to have no taste.

Check out the recipe below.

WARNING: This experiment is dangerous and should not be tried by children! 

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