New Recipe: Dhokla Khandvi Ice Cream Roll is the Latest Dish Internet Foodies are Trying to Forget

As the internet incessantly reveals some of the most unpleasant food combinations, one can only feel a sense of remorse. Netizens have been dealing with bizarre food fusions lately. And, before they could recover from the distasteful memories of Masala Dosa Ice Cream Roll and Momos Ice Cream Roll, here is a fresh serving of more cringe. Sent to everyone’s social media feeds from the state of Gujarat this time, the most recent experimental recipe has made the internet unhappy and how.

In a video uploaded by a food blogger under the user name, ‘the great Indian foodie’ on Instagram, one can see a vendor preparing an ice cream roll with dishes like dhokla and khandvi as bases! The clip begins with the food vendor crushing dhokla followed by cream and ice cream. After mixing, the person makes rolls and tops it with a dhokla and a green chilli before serving.

Next, the vendor starts whipping up the khandvi ice cream roll, which left netizens even more unimpressed. After crushing khandvis, the maker goes about the same process as of the dhokla ice cream roll. He blends and spreads the ice cream properly before he starts shaping them into rolls and serving them on a plate. The topping of khandvi and green chilli is becoming hard for people to comprehend. The combined taste of the creation is leaving people furious.

Take a look at the video here:

The video has garnered thousands of views, over 5500 likes and tons of reactions and the numbers are increasing with each passing moment. The internet cannot stop cursing the video as social media users were not prepared to watch something as terrible. The clip is making Instagrammers go crazy in the comments section as they argued that this was a post “nobody asked for.” A few unhappy netizens commented that they will have to report the Instagram page for posting such unsavoury food videos.

Ice cream rolls are the latest rage on social media. While the dish is loved by a majority of the population, regardless of the season, its blend into an unusual ingredients has left people enraged. Not long ago, the internet witnessed the capsicum ice cream roll and even masala dosa ice cream roll.

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