New Recipe: Duck cake Bluey: Dad nails Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book recipe

The Duck Cake from the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book is making a comeback because of the ABC kids show, Bluey.

One of the most technically difficult cakes from the iconic Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book is making a resurgence because of everyone’s favourite kids show.

ABC children’s show, Bluey, is making the Duck Cake famous again with a new generation, 40 years later.

The cake is a recipe from the legendary Aussie cake cookbook that was a staple for most kids growing up, especially in the 70s to 90s.

Now a dad has a shown off his impressive baking skills by recreating the recipe with its chip beak and popcorn head for his daughter’s third birthday after she saw it on Bluey.

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Bingo picks out the Duck Cake in the Bluey episode. Source: ABC.

Bingo picks the Duck Cake from the cookbook

In the popular episode Bingo is looking for a cake in the cookbook before deciding on the Duck Cake.

Trying to persuade her choice, mum Chilli asks her,  “Oh Bingo, are you sure? That looks hard to make”.

But it’s Dad, Bandit, who ends up having to make it, and Bingo has high expectations: “Make sure it looks exactly like the picture!”

After watching the episode, another little Aussie girl asked her parents for the same cake.

Perth mum Laura Dwyer’s three-year-old decided on the cake for her birthday, and her husband volunteered for baking duties.

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Proud dad with his Duck Cake creation for his three-year-old daughter. Source: Facebook.

Daughter thrilled with Duck Cake

She shared the end result in a Facebook group, and mums have been left gobsmacked at the “perfect” recreation.

“Not something I would normally share but I think he deserves some kudos,” Laura writes.

“This year our daughter decided on a Duck Cake for her birthday… since the Dad makes it in Bluey my hubby put himself forward for this one… and we think he nailed it.”

He even made the cakes from scratch, despite the recipe saying to use packet mixes.

“Can’t hardly tell from his big grin how proud of himself he is. Guess I hand the baking duties over now?”

Laura tells Kidspot her daughter was so thrilled she kept showing everyone as soon as they arrived at her party.

“Every person who walked in the house she would tell them she had a duck cake in the fridge and then run over and open the fridge to show them and tell them her Daddy made it,” she says.

The Women’s Weekly Duck Cake, and Laura Dwyer’s husbands cake. Source: Supplied.

Mums admire the Bluey Duck Cake

Other parents agreed the end result was marvelous.

“Oh mama looks like you’ve lost your baking license,  Looks like dad gains his. In all honesty he has done a fab job! Mine would of looked like a drowning duck,” one person admired.

Another mum wanted to hire him for her own cake creations, “Awww, can I get a crocodile for my son please. Some serious life skills. A perfect daddy.”

While a third called it “perfect” and another said it was “impressive.”

One mum said she attempted the same cake with a very different result.

“Much better than the one I made for my daughter! Love a good duck cake birthday.”

Many parents seemed to believe cake making was a secret dad skill.

“Why are dads so good at this stuff. My dad used to make us cattle truck cakes, trains, pikachu cakes,” one wrote.

While another added, “It’s a dad skill my hubby has been amazing the past few years making mermaid cakes and spider man cakes this year he’s taking on Elsa.”

Laura’s husband was chuffed with the feedback.

“Hubby is a champ and is beside himself with how well everyone thinks he did on this one. I’m officially going to hand the birthday cake baton over,” she said.

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