New Recipe: Gelatissimo Australia is looking for a Professional Gelato Taste Tester for 2022

The weather might not be the sunny and warm weather of long walks and dripping ice creams on the beach, but we firmly believe ice cream and gelato should be enjoyed at all times of the year.

Clearly Gelatissmo agrees with us, because they’ve just announced their search for the ultimate expert: a Professional Gelato Taste Tester. What a job! What a title! Get ready to apply, because this is real. 

The gelato specialists have outlets all over the country, and with their ever-increasing range of flavours it seems they need some help deciding which will become fan favourites. 

Gelatissimo is on the lookout for a gelato taste tester.
Gelatissimo is on the lookout for a gelato taste tester. (Supplied)

The spot will be filled by a winner, rather than an official job applicant. 

“The flavour-obsessed adventure will see one lucky winner taste yet-to-be-released flavours from around the world and even potentially choose an upcoming flavour that will be released in stores,” says the press release.

(They had us at “paid to eat gelato”.)

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It’s not the first time the company has employed a gelato taster, with a similar position offered in 2019. But the success of the role has led them to continue. 

“While this may seem like the ultimate April Fool’s Day joke, it is actually an important undertaking for our research and development team,” said Gelatissimo Marketing Director, Zoe Gorbunow. 

Gelatissimo salted mac and dulche de leche.
You could be tasting flavours like this salted macadamia and dulche de leche creation. (Supplied)

“With the customer at the heart of everything we do, being able to gain feedback and opinions firsthand like this is invaluable for us.” 

You simply head online at Gelatissimo to enter, tell them why you’re the best person for the job and hope that you win the chance to be paid $500 for a day of gelato tasting on May 10, 2022. The taste testing day will be in Gelatissimo’s Sydney office and consists of ‘four hours of intensive tasting’, which sounds like a dream. 

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The day includes sampling flavours and then providing objective feedback on criteria from taste to texture and colour. The winner will also score a freezer full of gelato. 

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