New Recipe: Gideon’s Bakehouse Famous Cookies All The Rage At Disney Springs

A Unique And Special Recipe

The recipe for the cookie was brought to Gideon’s by Stuart Valencia, the legendary Florida Orange Boy, Lewis said. For “those in the know, you can simply call this one Stuart’s Cookie.”

Lewis said the legend of Stuart Valencia is a warning for anyone who hasn’t been told that “swallowing [orange] seeds may cause a tree to grow in you.” Here’s why.

“As a pale, sickly boy, Stuart was given oranges to help bring a bit of color back to his deathly pallor. This worked like a charm. Believing you can never get enough of a good thing, he ate oranges for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — no part of the orange was spared,” Lewis explained. “As the months and years changed, so did Stuart, transforming into the living embodiment of ‘you are what you eat.’ Being part orange tree and part forever boy, Stuart has lived for generations in the groves of Florida, content in his solitude until now — when he appeared at Gideon’s Bakehouse with a very special recipe he wants to share with the world.”

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