New Recipe: Guess Who Made Mira Kapoor This Sinful Scoop Of Hot Chocolate Fudge

Guess Who Made Mira Kapoor This Sinful Scoop Of Hot Chocolate Fudge

Mira Kapoor is a pretty decent cook herself

Mira Kapoor has never shied away from admitting that she is a big foodie at heart. The 26-year-old is also quite an amazing cook herself. She often takes to Instagram to post her recipe; the most recent one being that gulkand or rose jam. Guess it runs in the genes. Yes, that’s right! Mira’s mother Bela Rajput is also a fairly impressive cook herself. If you follow Mira Kapoor on Instagram, you would know how she cannot stop gushing about her mother’s cooking skills. Sometime back she gave a shout out to her mother’s eggless cannelloni she has been making “before MasterChef and the internet had recipes”. On Sunday evening, she shared a picture of her mom-made hot chocolate fudge ice cream. A scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot chocolatey-fudge brownie placed right in the centre, topped with chunky peanuts, the HCF looked every bit irresistible. “Homemade HCF by Mom,” Mira captioned the image tagging her mother @raput_bela.

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Mira Kapoor is foodie at heart

The hot chocolate fudge is a kind of Sundae ice cream and a very popular one at that. The Sundae is typically served in a tall, transparent glass so you can see all the layers and the perfect fusion of ice cream and chocolate. An ideal summer treat, hot chocolate fudge is one of the Sundaes that you can attempt making at home too, given its simplicity. You only need a handful of common ingredients, you can use store-bought brownies, but we prefer making them from scratch too. Here are some of our favourite ice-cream recipes that you can try at home this summer.

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