New Recipe: Holi 2021: Thandai Plus Kulfi – This 5-Min Matka Malai Kulfi Is Just What You Need This Festival

Holi 2021: Every festival has a signature recipe that makes the year-long wait for the D-day totally worth it. When Holi comes, we all start salivating for chilled thandai. Thandai is a thick milk-based drink that is loaded with dry fruits and served cold. The festive vibe and the advent of summer season make us want to quench our thirst and hunger with cold drinks and ice creams. Combining the essence of our two favourite recipes, here is a Holi-special recipe of thandai matka malai kulfi that you must make and serve to your family and guests this Holi.

The Holi-special creamy malai kulfi recipe was posted on YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’. With just 3 cups of milk, you can make this yummy thandai ice-cream in just 5 minutes.

Here’s the complete recipe of thandai matka malai kulfi:

Step 1 – In grinding jar, put sugar, some cashew nuts, rice flour, and give it all a few pulses to make powder. 
Step 2 – In a pan, boil full-fat milk, lower down the flame and pour the kulfi mix powder. Cook for 2-3 minutes till the milk turns dense. 
Step 3 – Take store-bought thandai pre-mix syrup. Pour some syrup in the milk mixture. Mix well. 
Step 4 – Add malai of the milk, and blend it well. Pour the mixture in kulfi/ice cream molds. Garnish with some more thandai syrup and freeze for at least 7-8 hours to set.
Step 5 – Take out from the freezer and further garnish with dry fruits before serving. 
Holi 2021: Watch the complete recipe of Holi-special malai kulfi here:

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