New Recipe: How To Make Milk And Cookie ‘Shots’

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There are few desserts as classic or comforting as a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk to wash it down with. However, for a more adult, party-friendly version of this childhood favorite, you’ll want to check out this recipe for milk and cookie “shots” from the food blog Kirbie’s Cravings.

This unique dessert idea comes together by baking a cookie into a shot-glass shape and then creating an edible glaze of chocolate on the inside of it that allows it to hold a small amount of milk.

The end result is a fun individual dessert that’s sure to impress people at your next gathering. Guests can shoot back the milk (or, for those who are 21-plus, a rum-spiked milk) and then chomp down on the cookie part.

Kirbie’s recipe for milk and cookie shots was inspired by Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the “cronut,” and his version of a cookie shot that he sells for $5.75 a pop on his bakery’s website.

Dominique Ansel Bakery

However, this homemade version is far more affordable. The biggest challenge is finding the right oven-safe materials to use in order to create each cookie’s shot-glass shape.

Since using shot glasses in the oven is potentially risky if they aren’t made out of oven-safe glass or stainless steel, the recipe’s author notes that she used a mini pop-over pan, like this one on Amazon. A heat-safe silicone shot mold could work, too. Take note that you’ll also need an even smaller heat-resistant shot glass or a test tube to place on top of each cookie to create the indentation where the milk will go.

Once you have the materials together, the recipe itself is fairly straightforward: You’ll bake the cookies and then melt chocolate to brush on the inside of the cookies to create a glaze that will hold the milk.

Kirbie’s Cravings

Overall, the recipe takes about 30-40 minutes, but, in my opinion, is well worth the time to create such a memorable presentation of a beloved dessert.

Kirbie’s Cravings has the full recipe and plenty of tips on getting this delightful dessert just right.

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