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Call me nostalgic but I miss some things about 2020 quarantine.

We frantically tie-dyed oversized T-shirts to distract ourselves and we baked so many comfort carbs. I love comfort carbs. So I put on my DIY tie-dye sweats to bake banana bread again using a healthy recipe. The problem is, my loafs always suck.

Whatever magic touch my mom has on banana bread, I couldn’t find it in me. They never turned out right. I tried making a vegan blueberry loaf last year and that was my worst work. A rectangle mush.

But I found a recipe for “healthy” banana bread and it’s my masterpiece. It switches out sugar for honey or maple syrup and small amounts of unrefined oil instead of butter. The recipe says to use whole wheat flour but all I had at 11:30pm on a Wednesday was unbleached all-purpose flour. I jazzed things up with semi-sweet chocolate chips and shredded coconut then popped it into the oven.

It came out perfect. I GOT THE MAGIC, MOM.

This recipe can also be made gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. Click here to try it yourself.

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