New Recipe: Is It Safe To Eat Banana Peels?

Aside from being tough to chew, one of the reasons banana peels are not commonly eaten raw is their bitter taste. Because of this, the “Today” show notes that it may be best to let the bananas ripen a little longer before you eat them and that some extra preparation may be necessary.

No matter how you choose to consume your banana peel, it is very important to first remove the hard stem and thoroughly wash the exterior. It is absolutely safe to eat banana peels from a nutritional standpoint, just as it’s safe to eat the skin of an apple or pear, but you do need to scrub it down to remove any excess dirt, fertilizers, or pesticides that may have settled on it.

As for preparation, “Today” recommends blending the peel up into a smoothie to take advantage of the extra fiber and vitamins it can provide, or pulverizing it with the rest of the banana to add into your favorite banana bread recipe. The peels can also be eaten whole if they are baked or fried for at least 10 minutes to soften them up.

Eat This, Not That also recommends using the mashed banana peel for making an Indian-inspired chutney, while The Stingy Vegan explains that, when cooked properly with spices and sauces, banana peels can be used as a meat substitute in pulled pork recipes.

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