New Recipe: Is this ‘Oreo sushi’ recipe gross or great?

Can you really make sushi out of Oreos?

Video Transcript

POPPY SHEN: Why eat Oreos the regular way, when you can sushi-fy them? This viral TikTok recipe turns regular Oreo cookies into sushi, and the secret ingredient is condensed milk. I know many of you will probably object to the idea of turning Oreos into anything other than Oreos, so I am going to try this recipe out today, and see if it’s actually worth the time and hype.

So all you need really is Oreos and condensd milk. First step– you’re going to separate the cookies and the cream.

One enternity later–

POPPY SHEN: So next, we’re going to put all the cookies into a big Ziploc bag, and pound them into cookie crumbs. Finally, crumbs!

Add three tablespoons of condensed milk and make the dough. As you can tell, I’ve gotten very messy. So I guess the whole purpose of condensed milk is just to make these sticky and, like, sweeter.

Mix the cream with 1 tablespoon condensed milk and evenly spread it onto the cookie base. Roll up the cookie tightly using a plastic wrap. Finally, cut them into pieces of sushi.

OK, let’s review. So first, I’m going to talk about presentation. This does not look like Oreos or sushi. It’s the saddest-looking thing I’ve ever made in the history of this Snapchat show, and I am just really disappointed in this recipe.

In terms of convenience, I have to give a negative point, because the TikTok video made it look so easy. But when I tried it, it was the opposite of easy.

Finally, I am going to do a taste test. Like I said, I’m not looking forward to taste this, because it looks like [BLEEP]. I hope it doesn’t taste like [BLEEP]. It’s way too sweet. Oh. Way too sweet.

So in conclusion, I don’t like this recipe. So I don’t know who came up with idea of turning Oreo into sushi. It’s just– I don’t understand why. Good luck.

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