New Recipe: Korean Potato Salad Recipe

If you’re a fan of potato salad and want to try something new, this Korean potato salad recipe from recipe developer and photographer Stephanie Rapone is just what you’re looking for. This potato salad is creamy, flavorful, and makes a great side dish to accompany a wide variety of meals. Korean potato salad, or gamja saelleodeu, is one of the many banchan or side-dishes that are served with Korean barbecue, according to Thrillist. There are over 250 million types of banchan being served at Korean BBQ restaurants, though we’d argue that the potato salad is one of the tastiest options.

What’s the difference between this Korean potato salad and an American potato salad? According to Rapone, “The biggest difference is that the potatoes in this recipe are smooth instead of in chunks. I also find this recipe a little sweeter than most ‘American’ versions.” To make this recipe, you just need less than an hour, a handful of ingredients, and the desire to eat some gamja saelleodeu let’s get started!

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