New Recipe: Life according to… TV funny man, Alan Carr

The TV funny man talks game shows, birdwatching and battling the bloat in lockdown.

You are back with Alan Carr’s epic game show – what can we expect this time?

We’ve added Name That Tune. I remember that from the distant ages, with Lionel Blair and Maggie Moone. You know when you listen to the opening few bars and you’ve got to guess what the song is? Oh my God, it messes with your head.

What’s your favourite game show?

Would you say Naked Attraction, is that a game show? Sex is the prize… That’s not a bad prize. I wouldn’t say no! I love a bit of Tipping Point; I sit there and sometimes the dog starts watching it. It’s just like the going in and out and the coins falling, it can be quite trance-like. I like The Chase. Did you hear those rumours, people thought The Governess (Anne Hegerty) was my mum?

What has helped you through lockdown?

I’ve regressed to being 13-year-old Alan. So, I’ve done a lot of bird watching, and then jigsaws, which I’m getting through like one a week. I mean, it’s so boring. This lockdown has definitely been a bit harsher, especially January, February. I’m normally a very upbeat, optimistic person, but even I was going, ‘When is this ever going to end?’

Everyone has been making banana bread during the pandemic, have you honed your recipe?

Well, that’s it, I just ballooned! Just eating, and then you realise that when you’re out and about working, you do burn off some calories, but I was just sitting around like a slob and I was just wearing tracksuit bottoms. I mean, anything with a belt – terrifying. I’m just gagging for my jab!

In recent months, you’ve presented Interior Design Masters, you did an episode of DNA Journey and you started a podcast, how do you keep yourself from burning out?

I mean, seeing 10 very talented interior designers is not hard work – it’s an absolute joy. I loved that show and I know it’s been very popular, but half of that is because I was so enthusiastic to get out there, and I was sick of the sight of my own bloody wallpaper.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (which he is a judge on) is just so much fun; no surface goes un-sequined. All the shows came along at the right time, it was just what I needed.

I’m not being all “woke” and “worthy” but people in the NHS and carers are having such a hard time, so I can’t complain. I’m having a lovely time, and I hope people enjoy it.

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow, ITV, Saturday

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