New Recipe: ‘Little House on the Prairie:’ What Happened During the Last Episode?

Released in 1974, this series became a favorite of those wondering about life on the frontier. Little House on the Prairie followed one family, the Ingalls’ as they navigated life’s struggles in their town of Walnut Grove. 

All of that changed with the TV movie finale, titled Little House: The Last Farewell. Here’s what we know about the ending of this show.

'Little House on the Prairie' Episode Titled 'The Richest Man in Walnut Grove'
‘Little House on the Prairie’ Episode Titled ‘The Richest Man in Walnut Grove,’ featuring actor Michael Landon | NBCU Photo Bank

The television series, ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ ran for 9 seasons

With this series came plenty of memorable moments, including Laura’s wedding to Almanzo James Wilder and Mary’s departure from Walnut Grove to attend school for the blind. After releasing 9 seasons, Little House on the Prairie drew to a close.

The finale of season 9, titled “Hello and Goodbye,” dealt with Mr. Edwards and the mute boy he had been caring for. In this episode, his father returned to take the boy away. As a result, Mr. Edwards moved into Laura’s new boarding house.

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‘Little House on the Prairie’ ended with a 2-hour long special 

After releasing several seasons of this television series, it came to a close with the 1984 television movie featuring characters like Charles Ingalls, Caroline Ingalls, and their daughter, Laura. 

During Little House: The Last Farewell, Charles and Caroline take a trip from the big city to visit Laura in Walnut Grove. The couple travels by train and, although there’s a bit of a misunderstanding between Charles and a wealthier man, they make it back to Walnut Grove. As does a “land grabber,” who represents a railroad tycoon, who claims he has the right to this town. 

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The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ characters blow up Walnut Grove

The land grabber shows he owns every square inch of dirt under Walnut Grove and will evict everyone who doesn’t go to work for him. With the U.S. Army there to back him up, the citizens of Walnut Grove agree. 

Laura, with her usual fiery passion, decides to smash the windows of her house so that the land grabber can’t have them. That gives another townsperson an idea — instead of giving this person all of the perks that came with the small town, they would literally leave him nothing but the dirt. 

The others agree and, starting with the Wilder home, the citizen blows up the town with dynamite one building at a time. It’s a pretty emotional moment for Laura and the rest of her family, but it’s even sadder for the land grabber, who is told that this all perfectly legal.

The last building left, the “Little House on the Prairie,” is left intact. Some episodes of Little House on the Prairie are available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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